TubaDiva: Officially No Longer Humble

I would like to extend my gratitude to TubaDiva for finally recognizing what the vast majority of us have known all along, she isn’t humble. Gone is the unintentionally ironic “your humble Tuba Diva” signature. I for one say Bravo! You never were, are not now and never will be humble. But at least you are no longer a hypocrite.

your humble Creative_Munster


I hear Home Depot has a sale on stepladders this weekend.

TubaD shares those characteristics that we have come to expect from our Mods: luminous intelligence, Solomonic judgement, and oceanic patience. To expect humility as well would exhaust our vocabulary of superlatives.

Do they come with antimacassars? I hate it when I just get a shiny new aluminum stepladder, and the first time I use it I nudge the roller tray and dribble paint all down the sides.

I’ve never understood the urge/need to sign off with a name identical to one’s username.

It makes sense if your username is Mr_Fatty_Chops but you like to sign off as “Sam Slim” at the bottom.

But when x=x, it doesn’t quite equate for me :wink:

Hm, I don’t think I’ve heard that word before. Very interesting…enhance your word power.

What happened, Creative_Munster, did you run out of tea leaves to read?

It smacks of “valance” and “pelmet” to me.

Isn’t this the same mod that used her ability to look into a poster’s personal account information in order to illegally publish that information and encourage others to execute “justice?” It’s baffling that she’s even allowed to post here, much less be a mod.

I say this out of love: let the Tuba Diva shit go. Move on.

No, this would be the poster who found the information in public forums, not using her magic admin ability.

“Illegal” is such a technical word. Can you show me what was “illegal?”

If you’re baffled, well, that’s beyond our ability to help. I find it baffling that many posters are allowed here, but, hey, we’re only human. Some of us. YMMV.

Me mum used to have antimacassars on all the armchairs.

Why, I really don’t know. No one in our house even used hair oil.

I’m no lawyer but there are laws surrounding the use of information regarding Megan’s Law.


A case could be made that she provided this information as a way to harass the offender. She made his personal information public, along with the link to his information on the Megan’s Law website and signed it as “your humble TubaDiva, Administrator, The Straight Dope” which pretty much (to me anyway) involves the messageboard in her personal crusade.

Must be a slow news week.

Since you are not a lawyer, I take your post with a grain of salt.

And since you’re a Mod, I’ll take yours with a sense of excuses.

Anyone with eyes could see what she did was against what Megan’s Law goes against. One doesn’t need to be a lawyer to know that but if you want to hide behind that and be obtuse, have a good time.

Amen. I’m waiting for one of them to bring up the O.J. Simpson trial. I’ll bet somehow TubaDiva was to blame.

Because 10+ years and less than a year is exactly the same thing. Good comparison! By that brilliant deduction we should forgive and forget anything that happens by any of our leaders (messageboard, bosses, family members, Presidents) after a few months even if they don’t own up to their mistakes/apologize, etc?

What she did was stupid and fucked up yet she’s still right here as a person “in charge.” She was gone for a month and came back with her same attitude after accusing someone of continued pedophelia without any proof. Shit, people around here want a cite if someone says the sky is blue yet you’re all ready to swallow her BS before it comes out of her mouth.

Sorry if my taking offense to her poor Admin skills bothers you because it was SO long ago in PunditLisaLand. Time must certainly fly by there.

Yeah, this needed to be brought up again.

Hardly worth a Pit thread but the whole “humble” thing does annoy me. Much less humble would be difficult to imagine.