TubaDiva, you've become a numbskull

placebo already pitted Rico about the closure of the originalthread. Rico agreed that he had made a mistake, and though he should have properly reopened the thread, he at least agreed that the OP could start a new thread.

You come blithely and idiotically marching along as the ignoramus of the day, and close that new thread.

Get your head out of your ass already, OK? You’ve lost it, completely, as the admin, and you should quit. Let Dex or Skip or somebody take over.


Like, what the fuck?

And, in true TubaDiva style, she had to be a complete cunt about it. I almost hijacked the Rico pit just to point out, yet again, what an absolute bitch TubaDiva is but decided it’s not really worth the effort; she’s way too obsessed to step down and the people who could make her go away obviously don’t give a shit.

But, hey, since we’re all here anyway… yeah. TubaDiva is an unrelenting asshole and not terribly bright on top of it.

Also, she’s obviously a very mature woman.

(Not.) :rolleyes:

Frank apparently didn’t read the last posted List of Admin Qualifications, which read:

  1. Win the admiration and respect of your peers. Or at least register a forum account or something.
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

As you can see, there’s nothing in there about having common sense or any intellectual capacity whatsoever. It makes it more fun and random that way - when your harmless, seemingly innocent thread is suddenly ambushed by an army of fail.

Fuck her. She’s always been a dumb cunt.

Strong words for a ATMB thread.

Consistent with her behaviour.

Not only that but she has been paid this whole time.

She doesn’t get paid for being an admin on the SDMB - no mods or admins get paid - she gets paid for working on the main Straight Dope site. I am casting no aspersions about the latter.

Big shout out to Tub for displaying new levels of idiocy


I mean, really. If you are not smart enough to click on the links on the OP, what could Rico have possibly done to give you a heads up? Call you to tell you that you just received a fax telling you to check your email and read the links on the heads up? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

And will you ever learn to uncheck the “needless cuntishness” box when you post? There is no shame in just replying politely. Give it a try one of these days.

Clearly, Rico went around the chain of command, acting like he was a moderator when in fact he should have… Oh, yeah.

Nice of her to dis another mod in public like that. Classy.

This is the part that had me confused. Are you sure she didn’t read the links? Cause it’s kinda scary to think that she read the links and still posted as she did.

It’s clearly placebo’s fault, for putting the relevant links in the OP in small text, instead of using super-dooper-flashing-red-bold font, and for using the Latin abbreviation “N.B.” instead of “Hey TubaDiva, read these two links first you fat ugly moron!”

Really, the nerve of some people…

ETA: Ha! And I just noticed the title of placebo’s thread.

Thought this resolved itself in the other thread…might have been wrong??? Much better stuff to Pit.

The public dissing of a mod was truly a cuntish move. Don’t they have Super Secret Mod Boards for that kind of stuff? I was never really on board with all the **TubaDiva **bashing before now, but this is pretty bad.

I have never publicly uttered my distaste for TubaDiva’s admin behavior before, but this tears it. She is unprofessional, rude, and just plain stupid at times. I don’t know if it’s her personality or if it’s just her behavior as admin, but it doesn’t matter. She needs to step down. Yes, she hasn’t broken any rules, but as an important public figure for the boards, she is failing at representing the best this board has to offer. Is that asking too much?

I was under the impression that to discuss modly behaviour in a non-reasonable way in ATMB was still a banning offense. Is this still the case?

Good point. **Ed Zotti **came down pretty hard on this last month.

Don’t you know? Everyone’s equal here but some are more equal than others.