Ed Sheeran new album Divide has 9 songs in the top 10.

This has to be a statistical mistake. Even the Beatles didn’t do this well in the charts.

Every song on the album is in the top 20?

Charting has changed a lot since Casey Kasem’s top 40 show. Back then it was based on retail sales.

Now they factor in online sales and even streaming.

It’s got some good songs. But it certainly isn’t up there with any of the top twenty greatest album’s ranked by Rolling Stone. Imho It will make the top 100 and bump somebody out.

Top 100 albums

The redheaded kid from Harry Potter has talent. :slight_smile:
The entire album is on YouTube.


Ed Sheeran - ÷ Divide (Album) 2017: Spotify Playlist 2023 - Spotify Top Hits - Spotify Songs 2023 - YouTube