Ed Zotti Chicago editorial / article

I came across this editorial shortly ago and thought some might be interested is seeing new work from Ed. Or just seeing Ed, there’s a photo.

Hm. Which part of Chicago is it that has the toddling?


How old is that photo?

That’s exactly the way he looks when he visits me in my dreams.

Hey! He looks just like Cecil!


TMI! Tmi!


So he’s done two columns so far. On the 12th and the 28th. Not exactly a blazing weekly schedule plus quite a gap since the last SD column.

Sucubus? Incubus? I can never keep the two straight.

anecdotally it sounds about right. the two times I’ve been to Chicago we were in South Deering, and it and the surrounding area were pretty dire. Not as bad as some areas of Detroit, mind, but definitely depressed.

I don’t know the city but it’s my understanding that the south side of Chicago is the baddest part of town.

I wonder why Ed didn’t further split North Side into Northwest Side and North Side. As a Chicagoan, I feel there’s a bit of a difference there (lot of Northwest Side neighborhoods echo the Southwest Side neighborhoods to me), but also, even on his map, you can sort of see a division between the two halves of the North Side in the “Which of Chicago’s Seven Cities Are Faring Best” map where the dark blue areas of the North Side are lighter shades of blue with the occasional green on the Northwest Side. I suppose “Seven Cities” has a better classical ring to it than “Eight Cities.”