Ed Zotti - if you want some unsolicited advice (and who doesn't?)

I saw this in the closed thread **The BBQ Pit> Sorry but, uh Tuba?**

Since the thread is locked, I’ll give my 2¢ here.

No need to keep banning people who have been here forever.
If you do, he’ll just become another Satan Squared or Cubed or Satan[sup]4[/sup]
Give him a suspension. Say 2 days.

This will make any daily poster sweat.

What are you basing this statement on? While most, if not everyone here, don’t want to see Satan banned, he has never had a sock puppet. If he did, like anyone else, he would have been banned already.

I doesn’t look like she said that he ever had a puppet,
just that banned people tend to return as puppets.
We’ve had lots of cases of that.

I think Satan has more sense than that.

I’m still kinda peed off about a number of things in that thread. But I wont express them here (…I don’t want to feel like I’m walking on glass). And I’m not going to hash the issues on Fathom. Also, I don’t feel like e-mailing a dozen people. So, I guess I’ll just sit on my unresolution—maybe it will go away. :confused:

Well I’m going to have to check in and say that I liked the way that thread ended.

I am sick and tired of personal inuendo, attacks on mods and posted troll hunts (valid or not).

I also don’t give a shit how many posts a person has - if you’ve been asked not to post things by mods or administrations and you do it anyway - be gone. For good.

I hope it happens.

I’m going to take the liberty of closing this thread. There are other things going on here that you may not be aware of. This has also been hashed out in other threads which have been closed for a reason. Let’s let it go.