Ed Zotti is not notable, generally speaking. Can--or *should*--we do anything about it?

See Ed Zotti, specifically, the intimidating, threatening, and, depending how you look at it, humiliating judgement of the powers that be on the worthiness of the article.

Is this something that I should be worried about?

Since when do gofers rate a Wack-o-pedia entry?

Okay, let’s all of us Dopers make Ed Zotti notable by taking note of him.

Hi, Ed!

It’s hard to see that dude. Cecil is always blocking him.

The bit about the Barn House is some prime snark. Subtle. Wish I could lay claim to that edit.

He should have received a genius grant long ago. One problem is that the usual nonprofit conduits are stymied by the ostensibly (and modestly) for-profit framework of this column/forum/publishing backwater.

It’s anonymous comment made by who knows who, who knows why. This and a couple bux will get you a (small) cup of coffee at Starbucks. I don’t see the value or the humiliation. If you measure worth or meaning by what anonymous strangers think of you, you won’t get anything done.

Maybe Ed can form a club with Don Novello, Cassandra Peterson, and Paul Reubens.

You mean Elvira’s Vatican Playhouse?

I like the subheading on the Talk page.

Come on now, Ed can’t be that uninteresting!

It reminds me of some wit’s epitaph on Frederick, Prince of Wales, eldest son of George II.

Here lies Fred
Who was alive and is dead.
There’s no more to be said.

Just joshin’, Ed! (Glances nervously at membership status.)

I’ve met Ed Zotti personally on three occasions. He’s a genial host, and quite a good writer. I base my last opinion on reading articles he’s written as a freelance writer, not connected to the SD.

He has never fully banned me. I can’t think of higher praise.

I thought it was the other way around.

Whatever became of his now-and-then column, Paulina Street Journal ? I haven’t seen one for quite some time (or am I just not looking in all the right places)?

Ooh ooh ooh! I call dibs on the sandbox!:smiley:

What? You’re a cat who has to take a shit?


I seel you’ve already made him bold!