Eddie Money R.I.P

Aye; Eddie Money was a US rock radio staple from 1977 (his eponymous debut album) until the early 1990s. Solid, blues-based bar-band rock-and-roll. Check out the links in post #14, eh.

Sort of. Edward Mahoney was hired by the NYPD and was employed prior to training. He never finished the academy and was only considered a “trainee.”

Some sources I’ve seen said his grandfather, father and brother were NYPD but I haven’t seen it verified.

It’s probably for the best that he never actually became a cop. Once the Police Academy movies started rolling off the assembly line, he would have had to deal with endless jokes about being Officer Mahoney.

Ignorance fought. I will tweak that info in my trivia bank. Well done sir.

Not really ignorance. At times Eddie Money inflated his involvement with the department. At times he said he was a cop for two years. Other times he was truthful.

RIP, Eddie. Man when did you get old? :frowning:

I have a memory if him in the 1980s telling an interviewer that he was the only non-cop male in his family.

Couldn’t stop in without mentioning my favorite by him: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7FdYRq8-6kM

I Wanna Go Back
Peace In Our Time
Looking Through the Eyes of a Child
Gimme Some Water

The only time I saw him live was when he sang the National Anthem at an Orioles game.

In drafting class in HS (1983), there was a stoner who sat behind me, and he would sing this song to himself. But he would change the lyrics to, “I think I’m on drugs. And my life’s a blur.” :stuck_out_tongue:

RIP Eddie.

Aye; that’s an old sophomoric amusement: change “love” to “drugs” in almost any song. We were all stymied by Huey Lewis & the News tho. :smiley: