Eddie Money R.I.P

Aw, shit! Here’s wishing him two tickets to Paradise.

Damn, this makes me so sad. I’m wiping tears from my eyes.

He did a great bit last year on *The Kominsky Method *where he played an Eddie Money impersonator at a casino. Very funny and some decent acting.

He was also Mimi Bobeck’s husband on The Drew Carey Show. She wanted to get an annulment so she could marry Steve.

Too bad.

So where’s the other ticket?

He only needed one for this last trip.

He was in a Geico commercial. He had a gift for self-parody.

Just learned some cool trivia about “Shakin’”:

RIP, Eddie.

Aw, he rocked. RIP, Eddie.

Mishear lyric: “I’ve got two ticks and a pair of lice.”

Eddie may not be legendary, but he was one of my faves growing up.

RIP Eddie!

Aww, Eddie, there goes my favorite Red Meat comic; in which Bug-Eyed Earl talks about antique shops and the beat-up old rocker he saw in one (Eddie Money).

RIP Mr. Money; you done good.

A handful of truly fantastic earworm songs and a terrific stage presence; Eddie Money totally fucking rocks!

For any youngsters who aren’t familiar with Eddie Money, (and for those of us who know him, too):

Eddie Money - Shakin’ (my favorite song of his)
Eddie Money - Two Tickets to Paradise
Eddie Money - Baby Hold On
Eddie Money - Think I’m In Love
Eddie Money - Take Me Home Tonight

I’ve heard each of these songs hundreds, if not thousands, of times and yet they all still sound fresh and vital to me.

Again: RIP Eddie; you done real good.

Wow - that’s so sad. My folks actually saw him live what feels like a few years back now. RIP…

Many, many years ago my brother was touring with Eddie as a roadie, so he got me tickets to the show and then brought me back to the tour bus to meet him. Eddie was already hanging around in his boxer shorts by the time I go there. It was…awkward.

He really did not have the face to pull off rock band front man (i.e. dude was ugly) and yet…somehow he did. He produced some really tight little numbers that were pretty perfect for their time.

He seemed like a genuinely decent guy, an easy-going, self-deprecating family man who never fell for all the rock-star trappings. RIP Eddie.

It’s weird that I just put Eddie Money into rotation on my playlist and then he dies.

Fun fact: before he made it in music he was a member of the NYPD.

I have to ask: how big was he in the USA? Here in Germany, he was a classic one hit wonder with “Take Me Home Tonight”, I’ve never heard another of his songs, not even “Two Tickets To Paradise” that is mentioned as his other great hit in the obituaries.

He was big in the USA in the 80s. He had tons of singles, was always getting his songs played on classic rock radio stations, and had numerous videos on MTV.