Eddie Izzard

Don’t you think the world needs more transvestite comediens as funny and genuinely interesting as he is? I have to admit that I had my reservations when I heard about him the first time… but upon actually watching for the first time, I saw that all my preconceptions were wrong. I now want to be an intelligent cross-dressing comedienne when I grow up… okay okay… maybe not… but I must say I do admire him!

No, no, no! We have plenty of transvestites in the world and they all think they’re comedians. What we need are more executive transvestites. That requires qualifications.

YES… Executive… and Action transvestites too!

…paging oldscratch… and ValerieBlaise…

Izzard rocks… He could be the single greatest comedian practicing today.

Damn he’s good.

…this is Tony P, right? From Mystery Men?

And he does a fine job in “Shadow of the Vampire” (which I loved).

I’m in love with Eddie Izzard. I have to respect any man who can wear heels with such panache. :wink:

I’m pushing forth the Dolphin Act as we speak.

I’m covered in bees!

Yeah, I love Eddie. That’s all I have to add.

Oh yeah. He rules.

He looks great with makeup, but I happened to catch a Dennis Miller rerun on HBO not too long ago, and he appeared on that dressed in men’s clothes, with no makeup. After about two seconds, I decided that yeah, I do him either way. :smiley:

I saw him doing stand up on HBO and I don’t understand his popularity. I didn’t find him annoying or anything but I didn’t particularly find him very funny either.


He was on Conan last night. So wonderful. I think when he was on Leno, he said something about the lack of British comedians. “You get our actors and our annoying pop singers, but not our comedians.” Went on to cite the Pythons as one exception. Ahhhh…

I finally found a copy of Glorious this week and I watched it 3 times in a row.
I’m still subject to random fits of giggles whenever one of his lines pops into head. I keep hearing the “bees” bit and snickering as I type this…

I couldn’t sleep with anyone who dresses that much better than I do, though. :wink:

I would now like to vote for Eddie Izzard being the “Comedian as the topic of more threads (that never get past one full page) than any other comedian”

Izzard rocks…

punk snot dead,

I’m not shopping here – I’m going to Azerbaijan!

That Eddie – he’s a card.

[big hijack]

The other day I was grocery shopping and as I walked down the produce aisle, I found myself singing, “punk snot dead, broccoli” in my best death metal growl.

I just thought you needed to know… :wink:

[/end big hijack]

My wife and I saw Eddie Izzard on his Circle tour last year.

Let me repeat that: We saw him perform live.

[Cartman voice]
Who wants to touch me?
I said who wants to %#@*& touch me!
[/Cartman voice]

Umm can I touch you? Hehe I’ve been trying to introduce everyone at my college to Eddie Izzard but to no avail. I guess these backwards hickish Indiana people can’t handle anyone as sophsiticated as the comic god Eddie Izzard himself.

Dr. Heimlich “Wake up Hilder!”
Mrs. Heimlich “What is it Dr. Heimlich?”
Dr. Heimlich “Don’t call me Dr. Heimlich I’m your husband for fucks sake.”
Mrs. Heimlich “Okay then what is it Gunter?”

Hi I’m crazy Eddie I put babies on spikes.

Yes… For some reason, Indiana students seem obstinate when it comes to their mindsets executive transvestite comediens are bad!