My Crush on Eddie Izzard

One of the most brilliant comedians of our time <----Wiki page link
My husband actually turned me on to him a few years ago, he is one of the few comedians we can both agree is hilarious

Post some of your favorite Eddie Izzard bits here

I love Eddie! I’ve seen him live three times. The whole of Dress to Kill is my favorite.

Cake or Death

Death Star Cantina!

Izzard on US vs British films.

He is the greatest!
Find the cancelled show “The Riches” on Netflix, wish it was still on.:frowning:

I think Dress to Kill was his best work. Glorious was brilliant as well, but I felt like it didn’t have as many LOL moments. His description of European history is genius.

We have no bananas…on this day.

I love Eddie! For some reason, the fruit bit from Definite Article has always stuck with me. But really, I’d just post all of his stand up shows in their entirety.

I don’t think I have ever seen or heard him perform, but I dislike him for a personal reason. I was once thrown out of my favourite little whisky bar (together with the other regulars) because he had rented the place for an after-gig party. If he (or rather the bloke that had arranged it) had asked us kindly we would probably have let him in.

I was blown away by his marathoning for the Sport Relief charity a couple of years ago. If you weren’t aware, he up and decided to run a marathon every day for a month or so, with very little training. In his 40s. Having never really run seriously before. He ran from London to Cardiff to Belfast to Edinburgh and back to London. He started off with very little fanfare or publicity and just kind of let word spread naturally. It was incredible.

There was a documentary made about it, narrated by David Tennant, which is well worth watching. The best part, to me, was seeing random people just quietly come join him on his runs in support. It was surprisingly moving.

I’m covered in BEEEEEES!!!

Cake! or Death!

and speaking as a colonized person, I found the whole “Do you have a flag?” bit hilarious.

Cake for me too, please!

Big fan here. I saw him a couple of years ago at Shoreline Amphitheater and he was hilarious. He didn’t have a lot of new material, but…

The venue has a resident flock of swallows that come out to feed at dusk, and initially they really freaked Eddie out. But he went with it and riffed on the little guys for about 5 minutes. Of course, the birds were all named Steve.

My favorite clip to share with other Eddie Izzard fans isn’t of Eddie at all.

Phil Jupitus imitates Eddie Izzard

Once a Native American paradise,
'where people worshipped the gods of the Native Americans.
'But now a prison, as the guard tightens the chains and signals to the people and prison wardens of Alcatraz -
'prisoners coming, prisoners coming!

Control! P! Print!

Yes, that was very good.

If your had worn a dress, he may have let you stay.

The last time I saw him was in an open air amphitheater and this bird kept flying toward him on the stage, just as the show was opening. He did this whole impromptu bit about the bird. It was brilliant; wish I could remember it, but it set the stage for the whole show. He kept inserting bits about the bird into his other stuff.