Edgar Rice Burroughs Book? (I could have sworn it was)

I read a book that I could have sworn was by Edgar Rice Burroughs, but none of the books I’ve found by him seem to be it. It wasn’t a very long book, from what I remember.

It was about a princess who was destined for an arranged marriage. Being of the hardheaded princess variety, she rebelled against it, first by getting a makeunder of sorts - she and her lady in waiting made her look as if she had lost several teeth, was older, slackjawed, etc. She was then kidnapped by some rogue bandit, and of course, ended up falling in love with him. I read the book probably 20 years ago, but it could easily have been a lot older than that. Ring any bells with anyone?

Maybe it’s The Mad King. It has the arranged marriage thing, but actually focuses on an American named Barney Custer, who, as it happens, looks just like the real prince of Lutha. Zenda, anyone? Of course he ends up marrying the princess Emma, after the real prince/king, a nasty bugger, is killed

Oh, sheesh, it’s not that one, it must be The Rider Here’s the blurb from the back of the book,Karlove and Margoth had been enemies for centuries-and now they were about to join in peaceful alliance through the marriage of Princess Mary and Prince Boris. But the Rider, the most successful highwayman ever to plague the two countries, secretly became part of the royal wedding plans. From then on, nothing went according to schedule. Who was the mysterious brigand? What could he gain by sabotaging the two nations’ only chance for peace?

Thanks, Baker, that’s exactly it! I almost described him as a “rogue highwayman” in my OP, but I couldn’t remember if that was what he was or not.

Wow, can you tell I’m a dingbat? An ERB book MIGHT have been written more than 20 years ago? :wally