Edge Browser back working again.... again

Just updated to 86.0.587.0 (Official build) canary 32 bit.
Which is good, because 86.0.586.0 (running on Win7-32) always crashed on this site when I scrolled down far enough to see the first advertisement.

Edge has been having this kind of problem for a while – I see complaints going back several years – and I’ve previously mentioned 85.0.478.44 on Win7-64.

Edge is based on Chromium now, the same as Google Chrome. So if it works on Chrome, it should work on Edge.

They are both based on Chromium, and so both use the same rendering engine, so pages should display the same in both Edge and Chrome. But they aren’t the same, have different features, handle errors differently, and have different bugs.

I switched to Slimjet a few months ago, and I’m very happy with it.

It’s also a Chromium-based browser, but faster and smaller, with many improvements like built-in ad-blocking, privacy, and anti-tracking. It has many useful extra features and customization options, and it can use Chrome extensions and themes.

I haven’t had any problems on this site with it.

Odd, never had any issues with the “old” Edge on the SDMB old site. Jumped to the new Chromium version, and it worked there and also here on the new site without issues.

The fact you are on Win-7 should not make any difference, but my experience is all on Win-10

HAve yu got any add-ins or extensions that might cause the problem? When you say “crashed”, what exactly happens?

Edge shuts down whenever it detects any kind of problem. It just shuts
down. (By way of comparison: FF stops responding for long periods, IE
would shut down just the individual process (the individual page).

Although there have been similar problems with Edge and some of the
API’s used by advertising for several years, my problems were both
with specific individual builds: I got an update, I had shutdowns
until I got the next update.