Holy crap it IS everywhere! I got the gords.


I had this game “Black and White” which was one of those “God games,” where I had a bunch of underlings all living in a city. Well, every time one of those little underlings died, a little girl’s voice whispered “Deaaath.”

Only, there was nothing in the game tutorial or manual to warn that this would happen, or why. So I’d just be playing this kind of goofy happy silly game, having a good time, when out of nowhere a little girl who doesn’t exist would whisper in my ear, “Deaaath!”

This was some creepy, creepy stuff.

It was quiet enough that I thought I was hearing things, or hearing something wrong, the first two or three times this happened. But the fourth or fifth time I turned off the game, turned off the computer, turned on all lights in the house that weren’t already on, and turned the TV on to some stupid comedy channel very very loudly, and did not sleep for most of the night.

Probably the creepedest out I’ve ever been.

They patched the little girl out of the game a few months later. :slight_smile:



That’s quite a touching story, but how exactly does it relate to the USAF?

It does not. It relates to the reaction “EDIMGIAFAD” has recieved from one of the posters here on the boards, in another thread.


I remember that! I had that game, too. My husband has the new one and it doesn’t do it anymore from what I’ve heard, but I used to like that creepy “Deaaath.” Spooky, unexpected, and hilarious. My pet would misbehave, set stuff on fire, and I’d hear “Deaaath. Deaath. Deaath. Deaath.” Hee! Fun!

I see.

Or rather, I’m still terribly confused, but about a completely different subject.
Thanks, I’ll be going now.

The thread in question if that helps any.

I don’t know, fnord has a nicer ring to it…

We don’t really need two threads about poor Tripler’s source of willies. You’re all welcome to visit the thread to which Gozu Tashoya linked (it’s still going) if you want to keep chatting about it.