Edit Paypal transaction?

I was going to post in General Questions, but considering I’m asking about a fairly specific thing I thought it might be better here.

A few days ago I ordered something online, chose to have it posted, and paid via paypal. The shop doesn’t process the order until it’s ready to ship (which will be Wednesday), so the money hasn’t left my account (it is being held, though). Something’s come up and I’ll be in the area by the time it’s ready. I was going to email them and ask if it’s possible to alter my order so I can pick it up when I’m there, but the shop’s closed today so I figured I’d ask you guys before I bother them.

Would they be able to change my order if I’ve paid through paypal? Paypal has always seemed a lot more final (for want of a better word) than paying by credit card. I’m thinking if nothing else they might be able to cancel it and have me reorder, but I’m really not sure.


They can definitely cancel and have you re-order, which is probably what they will have you do.

Or they can send you a refund of the postage, which is probably easier.

Yep, emailed them this morning and this is what they did.

You can all sleep easy now that you know it all worked out.

I ordered some flowers for my wife for V-Day. I paid with paypal. Well, they screwed up the shipping costs and charged my paypal about 20% too much. I called them the next day (Tuesday, I think, for Wednesday delivery) and this is just what they did. They cancelled the paypal order and I put the new order on my CC. Call them in the morning and I’d beth that is what they will do.