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I really enjoy that show. It just strikes the right cord with me but I have never seen an entire series through completely, it just never works that way for me. Plus I forget how it all started. So do you think they might ever cut those shows up and paste all the R&B segments into one show so I can watch them all the way through? It seems like it would be easy enough. Could e-mail campaign to Cartoon Network get that done or does somebody hold the rights and wouldn’t want that to happen?

I think to answer this you might need inside info, so here’s hoping.

Art is a funny-ass thing, brother rat.

(Sorry, just had a flashback to The Stand: “How 'bout br’er rat, there? How’d he taste?” … shudder)

The thing with art is, and I think we can all agree that Rocky and Bullwinkle qualifies as art, to get what hte artist intended you to get, you have to take art as it is presented to you … either that or declare yourself an artist and make your own “interpretation” of the original. The creative geniuses that made Rocky and Bullwinkle felt that the R&B segments worked better interspersed with a little variety, I guess. For one thing, it gave them the ability to make a 12-minute long story last 30 minutes or so, because in addition to the side-dishes, they have to spend a little time bringing you up to speed when you get back to R&B.

Anyway, for myself, I have to say that I enjoy the disjointedness of R&B … it’s part of the appeal of it to me. But then again, I like bebop, so maybe I just have a loose connection somewhere. :smiley:

I just thought it was a plot concocted by Fearless Leader to make us feel so disjointed when watching them that we got confused and then ended up submitting to Spotsylvanian tyranny.

But maybe that’s just me.

First of all, it Pottsylvania.

Second of all, is the OP referring to the story line of the episodes involving Moose and Squirrel (sans Fractured Fairy Tales, et al)? Or to an entire 1/2 hour program?

Some of the shows are available on videocassette, and you get to see the entire show (with FFT, et al) sans commercials.

I agree that the creators did the shows in episodic fashion for a reason, and the R&B segments wouldn’t play the same without the interspersing of the other segments.

Third of all, Hi, Opal!

yes, just them. the FFT are really getting old for me and I’ve lost patience with them. Only Mr. Peabody still holds my attention, him and the main segments. So my problem is that not only have I never been able to see a complete serial of R&B (M&S) but it’s getting less and less likely that I will.

Edit Rocky and Bullwinkle??!!

That’s the same as thinking that Colley Cibber “improved” Shakespeare!


Well, hell’s bells, brother rat, just buy some of the videotapes and fast forward through Dudley Do-Right and all the stuff you don’t wanna see. The effect won’t be completely seamless, I’ll admit, but you’ll get a better sense of how the R&B (M&S) episodes would run if they were back-to-back.

I like R&B, too. But getting the episodes edited the way you describe ain’t gonna happen. Why would the cartoon’s owners spend money to do this when they’re making money from the episodes as is? A more likely scenario would be for The Cartoon Channel to do a R&B marathon or two which you could record.

The pre-recorded VHS tapes are no longer in print, so you’d have to find them second-hand.

I think your best bet would be to find another R&B fan near you who recorded complete adventures from TV and will let you copy them.

Of course, the episodes have been edited already, or rather the standard intros and closings have. This was done when “Rocky and Bullwinkle” was revived as “The Bullwinkle Show,” and suddenly we had not “The Adventures of Rocky the Flying Squirrel” but “The Adventures of Bullwinkle and Rocky”. I’d like to see the original original show and episode intros and closings with the original music. One episode still has the original closing music.

I’d also like to see the commercial intros, too. Rocky: “It’s a message in a bottle!” Bullwinkle: “Fan mail from some flounder?” (source of Pee-Wee Herman’s line.) Rocky: “No, this is what I really call a message!” (fade to commercial.)

But this ain’t gonna happen, either.

No, DAVE, don’t suggest anyone to skip Dudley DoRight. It is not often that one sees a healthy decent, healthy woman-horse relationship in a TV show…

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