Edit your post here!!!

This has not been edited!

or not??? Damn!

I’ll see if I can edit a post.

Ultimately, I suspect the admins are not going to allow user/poster edits and this apparent usability is a default in the software that has not, as yet, been squelched.

It would be nice, though, wouldn’t it?


Just saw this:

Grump. Last thing I want in GD is posters editing and deleting their arguments all the time. Seems to be quite a problem in boards that allow this, so everybody reposts the full text that they’re replying to or risks looking like a doofus when they counter an argument the original poster deletes. Then you have to wade though all of that stuff in each post.

But mostly I’m posting here to see how this stuff looks live. :smiley: Still, no GD 'til Monday? ::sniffle:: :frowning:

Hey, I’ve been mistaken for Surgoshan!

to self: Hope that’s a good thing…

Just testing

Gaudere, I know that I really liked the feature over at Opal’s where I was allowed to correct my spelling, rather than having to post ** yet another post ** to say what I * meant to say. * However, it isn’t featured over in the BMZ (Bitch and Moan Zone) whatever you say stands, just for the reason you mentioned, which also would be good in GD. But, nevertheless, even my post which I corrected, still had the "[edited by ‘Anti Pro’ April 27, 2000]. So, you * could pull a fast one * it would still be advertised that you did so.


edit this

quote this

Well, David B? Will we loose everthing?

A link to this MB. And an underlined word.

And now a quote:

Wow! Can I really edit? Let me see…

Blah blah blah blah…

Hmmm…guess not.

Are the smilies the same?

:slight_smile: :wink: :rolleyes:

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