Editing video game content for America

I was playing Final Fantasy V today and I went to the Pub and checked out the dancers. I had seen them in an earlier game so I sat down to see what they do. They dance and twirl and then they jump off the stage and are twirling around me. And then all 3 jump onto my lap and continue twirling. The screen flashes red and a heart pops up above my head. I’m amazed. A lap dance! By 3 pretty girls! Wow.

And then there’s this pirate. He’s a guy. And he’s in love with his Captain. And he tells the Captain that he in love with … Well this one is actually confusing and a little contradictory. The Captain states that the pirates found her as a baby and raised her. And now she pretends to be a man cause otherwise they wouldn’t accept her as their leader. But now it seems no pirates know she’s really a woman, they think she’s a man. So here’s this pirate in love with his Captain who he thinks is a man. Hmm, a homosexual. A gay pirate.

Now if there’s one thing the next Final Fantasy title (VI in Japan, III in the US) doesn’t have is gays and lap dances. Did they put these in this game because it’s for Japanese only or are the Japanese versions of the other Final Fantasy games a little racier? Are the games that we buy in the US edited for content like this? Which ones?

I guess there are some GQs here but it’s also some mundane I feel compelled to point out and a something that has to do with entertainment.


Huh! Go figure.

I’d heard that in the origional Grand Theft Auto 3 you could pick up a hooker and she would, ah, “re-energize” you. Your bouncing car, your money going down as the energy goes up, everything. My version does not have this. Did I hear a myth, am I not far along enough, or did it get censored?

Get a translated Final Fantasy IV Hardtype.

There is a porn magazine in the programmers room. They took it out of Final Fantasy II in America. I believe the PSX version has it, though. But still, it’s been 10 years.

Also, in FFIV, the main femail charachter is about to be killed with a rapier dropping and cutting her in half. In the U.S. version, it’s a big boulder. Apparantly, being crushed is better than sliced in half.

Also, Cecil and the main female kiss in the Japanese version and hug in the U.S. It’s also implied that they’ve been sleeping together for quite awhile, but it’s not mentioned in the U.S. version.

In one of the anime-style cuscenes for Xenogears, the American version contained “lens flares” to obscure Elly’s breasts. (The characters are naked at the time because they’ve been sucked into some kind of other-consciousness reality.) I really never understood why they did this, as they were perfectly OK with showing lots of blood and vaporizations in some of the other cutscenes.

Censoring video games to avoid offending delicate American psyches has been happening since the early days of the NES. I believe just about every version of Castlevania has needed alterations to remove crosses from various bits o’ background scenery (most notably tombstones). And I believe the opening video for the PlayStation version of Soul Blade was American-edited so a formerly-nude woman was wearing a white bikini instead.

There are lots of other examples, but I don’t remember them right now. It sure happens a lot, though, because everyone knows that the sight of a bare nipple will bring down the United States faster than al Qaeda could ever dream of… :rolleyes:

I think the original GTA 3 was released here in the states first. And rest assured that in my American version of the game you can pick up hookers and they’ll not only re-energize you but give you extra health.

GTA 3 is the most popular game on the PS 2 right now. Maybe they’ll make more adult oriented games after the success of GTA 3.


There’s a lot more editing in video games than I ever would have thought.

There’s this game called Breath of Fire IV. In it, this dragon-god gets stabbed with a sword by a crazy chinese emperor. The emperor promptly has his head removed. In the American version, however, the dragon-god just laughs and the scene suddenly ends. In another part of the game, a few female characters are seen without any clothes on, but it was completely removed from the American version.

About FFVI. I really don’t think it was edited, it just didn’t have stuff like that in it. Then again, you do attract the attention of a prostitute at one point.