Education continues outside of college...

Just another frivolous suit.

One gem:

She’s not marketing herself right. Part of her credentials is a 2.7 = C+. Isn’t that, like, a programming language?

“favor more toward”? WTF…? And really, why would anyone prefer a nerdy 4.0 student? What has the world come to when people select only the best for themselves?

I wonder who turned the media onto this story. Her? Or the college. :slight_smile:

And she’s been job-hunting for three whole months? Poor thing! Clearly, she has been wronged.

When are we, as a society, going to deal with the fact that some people just need to be bitchslapped into next week?

That sucks for her. BBAs with a 2.7 are a dime a dozen around here. I actually do feel some sympathy for her though, colleges tend to give you the impression that once you graduate you are guaranteed a great job on the executive floor and a life full of happiness. It took me a year of unemployment to figure out that my 9x12 sheet of paper with a state seal wasn’t going to hand me a great life.

Well, that’s one way to create more jobs - contract the reasonable but down-on-their-luck people who are out of work to bitchslap the idiots.

I don’t think the suit is necessarily frivolous, and I think news headlines have made it sound worse than it is. Her claim is that the college’s placement office has not been doing its job. I don’t know if they have or not, but it’s not the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever heard. If they aren’t I think she’s allowed to do something about it. It’s true she doesn’t appear to be the most attractive candidate and the economy sucks.

From the scanned copy of the handwritten suit as linked in the article:

“I am seeking a reimbursement of $70,000 from my tuition because the Office of Career Advancement Information Technology Couselor[sic] did not make there their Monroe e-recruiting clients call the graduates that recently finished college for a interview to get a job placement. They have not tried hard enough to help me.”

That’s about it for the complaint. So apparently she thinks that the placement office has a responsibility to make potential employers interview her. And the $70k she paid was purely for this service - apparently no useful knowledge was transferred to her in return for the $70k. Sounds pretty frivolous to me.

I’m not swearing the suit has merit, I’m just saying I’m not convinced it’s frivolous yet. I don’t know if she’s really a good job candidate, if her expectations are realistic, or if she is holding up her end of the deal. Here’s a link to the career services page at Monroe’s site: Career Services and Resources at Monroe College.

It’s not a guarantee she get a job, certainly, but if they’re not living up to what they say here, isn’t it possible she has a case?

That said, she’s got strikes against her: her grades aren’t great, she apparently couldn’t get to a FedEx Office to do the filing on a computer or check her spelling and grammar, which makes you wonder about what she’s showing to employers, and I’m not bowled over by the reference to her attendance. Nor am I impressed that she’s waited all of three months to sue, although if they are not doing anything for her I could understand suing after three months. She put in more time with her college’s alumni office than I did, but I found them unresponsive and gave up on them well before I graduated. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not drawing any conclusions based on the amount she filed for.

I’m not sure how I feel about this case. Yes, the student shows every sign of being a dumbass, and I doubt very much that she has any legitimate grounds for a lawsuit – but on the other hand, she’s probably correct that Monroe College sold her a bill of goods. A 2.7 GPA from a no-name, for-profit college isn’t going to impress employers much, especially coupled with the poor writing and communication skills shown in her court filing. (Most middle-class kids with college-educated parents know that they would be better off at a good state school; first-generation college students often don’t know enough about the system to recognize this, and it sounds like that’s where Monroe does most of their recruiting.) I think she’s got a legitimate reason to feel like she’s been suckered out of $70,000, although suing the school isn’t actually going to help her.

Well, if her spelling, grammar and sentence structure are any indication, maybe she does have a valid complaint.

She is pretty smart actually. She’s not seeking money but rather publicity. She can’t get noticed, well she is now. Someone will hire her simply for the notoriety of it.

Most likely she doesn’t intend to win, or even recover her filing cost. There’s an old saying “any publicity is good.”

Look at Britney Spears, her career in long decline, suddenly she starts acting like a moron and boom her next two albums rocket it her to the top again and sell more than she has sold in the last ten years combined.

Same with Mariah Carey. Now these are different examples I’ll grant you but it was all about getting noticed.

She probably spent little or nothing on the filing.

That’s the positive side. On the negative side, an employer might well say, “She sued her college because she wasn’t happy with it: what’s to stop her suing me in a year or two if she’s not happy with some aspect of her job?” Most employers don’t really want potential trouble makers on their staff.

I don’t think most employers want notoriety.

That’s about how I feel too. I think the best thing that could come out of this is increased scrutiny towards the advertising and recruiting practices of Monroe and similar schools.

I like how she asks for “reinbursment [sic] of $70,00 from her tutision [sic]” twice in the court papers. She also manages to misspell “defendant.” However, as pointed out above, I’m not completely ready to dismiss the complaint without hearing a little more about the case, how Monroe was sold to her, etc. That said, the gut reaction is that schooling doesn’t guarantee success in the job market.

BTW, 2.7 is a B-. A C+ is 2.3. At least that’s what it was when I was in college.

Yeah–they needed to help her more out with that…

Of course, Gaudere strikes and it should be “$70,000” where I had typed “$70,00.”

eh…you’re not suing anyone and depicting yourself as an intellectual ‘catch.’

I do feel for her. I wonder where she came up with the $70k to pay for this school. She probably is deeply in debt and they probably promised her she would make a good salary and earn back the money easily. Since student loans can follow you even after bankruptcy, she may be in a tough situation if she can’t get a decent-paying job. In any case, I think she should sue for not receiving an adequate minimal education for her money.