Education continues outside of college...

On the other hand, it feels good to know that one of those for profit colleges got sued.

This just in - idiot with low GPA from crappy college sues because she can’t find a job in the worst job market since the Depression.
My guess is this is quickly thrown out of court.

With all due respect, I want to choke that bitch. Not only is it a stupid frivolous lawsuit that’s goign to cost taxpayers some money just to deal with it (and hopefully a judge throws it out ASAP), but isn’t college supposed to make one a more informed, intelligent, individual? Who seriously thinks that going to college is a guarantee to get a job?

And I’m pretty sure I could handle a 2.7 GPA while being more cracked out than Whitney. And why WOULDN’T they help the smarter students, who are more likely to get a job in the first place? I better stop typing before I really go off the handle here at work.

Could somebody help me? I think there is something wrong with my computer. I clicked on the link and it says it is a story from CNN but when I read it, I can see it is a story from the Onion. So it’s not loading right. What should I do?

Can I sue somebody?