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Another thread…wow, i’m having quite the night here!

I am now employed. I did tell people in chat, but since i started that thread a month or two ago, i felt like i should do a follow up.

Anyway, the job is at Admissions and Records. I feel so powerful…a person’s grades and transcripts are in my hands! Woo! No, i’d never do anything to mess with them. I could get into deep shit for it. But, anyway, what i do is basic clerical type stuff. Staffing the front desk, getting transcripts, opening mail (we do a LOT of mail. Mail mail mail). I also do filing, which i dont mind because i can just be by myself and work. My supervisors and bosses are all very cool. We are allowed to talk while working, and we often will stop working to chat a bit. My coworkers are nice, and very helpful. Everyone’s been patient with me, since i feel like such a dork because i dont know a lot there. But, i do my best.

While i cant work more than 20 hours, they work to fit around my schedule, and if i have a midterm or test, they have to let me have time off for it :). I’m also not obligated to do over time, and if I want, i can work 40 hrs a week during vacations. And, during vacations, i can take time off for trips and stuff, as long as I let them know. Pay is $6.50 an hour, not too bad at all.

So, i might just be able to move away from home. This is a good thing because my mom is in her psychotic menopausal stage (she got mad at me because she swore i was hoarding all the forks, thinks me and dad purposely leave the ice box empty so she has to fill the ice trays, and she went off on me for putting the paper towels on wrong). I may also be able to buy myself a new computer, because the one I own is pissing me the hell off.

Anyway, just thought i’d share with you all.

Ta ta…

Radical dude. Kudos to you. I on the other hand, have yet to get a call back from a job I applied to atleast a month ago. GRRR.

[hijack]What the hell are we doing up? It’s 5 in the morning.[/hijack]

Thanks dude. I dont know what YOU’RE doing up, but I am waiting for some socks and undies to finish washing, so i have some for tomorrow. Hopefully they’ll get back to you on the job. I’d personally bug them about it. By the time I was about to bug the first place I applied for, i got an email (it was erroneously labled for the wrong department), saying i hadn’t gotten the job there, and I got a second one saying they wanted me to interview for a position at the place where I now work. Good luck dude, hope you get the job.