Educational evolution video suggestions - abt 30 min?

A friend of mine teaches high school science, and asked me if I could recommend any films or videos that do a good job of presenting evolution, with a running time of about 30 minutes.

I realized, rather ashamedly, that I don’t know of any, and that I don’t watch many films or videos… but I thought folks here on the Dope might.
So any suggestions for good educational evolution videos? The running time is a bit of a limitation, but maybe he could run a 60 minute show (I think BBC and PBS/Nature sometimes do good work in that time span) and fast forward through some parts to get to 30 min?
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Crash Course Biology might work. The videos are all about 10 minutes long.

Natural Selection
Evolutionary Development
Evidence for Evolution

This is just a few of the videos; there’s one on population genetics and one on taxonomy, meiosis and mitosis…

I will pass that on, Inner Stickler, many thanks!