Educator Dopers what's up with K-12 education, NCLB etc under the new administration?

Any of you pedagogical dopers heard any rumblings of what’s up under the new administration? Any major changes in store?

Everybody is in a bit of a holding pattern right now, waiting to see what the new administration is going to come up with. I suspect that the basic framework of NCLB is going to be kept in place with some minor tweaks here and there. A lot of people think of it as being Bush’s thing, but it had bi-partisan support when it was signed. Oh I work for the Department of Education by the way.

Hoping it dies a quick death, but not expecting it to. At this point, we’re more concerned with the budget.


NCLB reminds me too much of the Japanese education system, everything geared towards a test that has no real bearing on reality but determines everything about a child’s worth (in terms of what school he/she can go to). The Japanese education system sucks (as exemplified by an entire country of people who’ve taken a minimum of 6 years of English yet most can’t speak a lick)

I don’t think we should conflate the suckiness of English education here with a failing of the entire system.

Oh, and NCLB can suck it.

This is true, but the system is generally pretty bad in general from my observations.