Edward Norton I speech impediment..treatment?

Ed Norton has made some great movies but in watching RED DRAGON, I noticed he has a significant lisp. I thought that lisping could be eliminated with speech therapy. Does anyone out there know what percent of lispers continue to do so even after speech therapy?

How do you know he wasn’t lisping on purpose, for the character?

The guy in RED DRAGON is Edward Norton II, isn’t he? Ed Norton I was Ralph Kramden’s neighbor.

I saw him in a movie where he played a con artist who faked Cerebral Palsey.

He’s an actor. :slight_smile:

The character in the Red Dragon was born with a cleft pallate. He had a speech impediment all of his life. Norton was acting.

The one with the speech impediment was Ralph Fienne’s character, not Norton’s.

Maybe Norton added his own lisp to make his character slightly traumatized.

You are right (of course. :smiley: ) I really only read the book and assumed too much about the movie. My apologies.

It was just for the movie. He doesn’t seem to have any speech impediment in any of his other films (barring The Score).