EEEEWWWW! Maggots in the house.

My daughter just found two maggots in her bedroom. They were on the floor of her dollhouse. Now I’m paranoid. There is no food or garbage in her room. How did they get here and how can I make sure there are no more ?

HELP ME PLEASE ! I’m freaking out.

There is probably some morsel of spoiled food or something tucked into the doll house in a place that you can’t see.

(I know you said there was no food there, but my experience suggests that kids sometimes sneak stuff into their bedrooms to eat later, or use small items of real food in play)

How cute that this shoudl be answered by someone named "Mangetout!

Maggots (shudder) are quite disgusting, even just a couple. However, they’re only baby flies. If you’ve removed the stuff they’re eating, and you’ve treated the doll house with a bit of pyrethrin-type insecticide, you probably won’t see any more.

Meanwhile, iiiccckkkkkkk!

When I was a kid, I collected some acorns and put them in my drawer. Turned out that they had maggots in them. Didn’t open that drawer again for years :slight_smile:

So you might check for something like acorns or other produce.

Makes 'em shrivel! Why not have a little fun? :smiley: