Eek! 12 million bees on the loose in New Brunswick

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Why would they be unlikely to survive?

You know, I heard this today on the CBC radio (on satellite). My immediate response was, “EEEK!”

Apparently the rain was keeping them near to the truck, and when it stopped they’d bring in the Fire Department to hose 'em down to keep them there.

Here’s an updated story from the CBC website. According to the story and to a radio interview I heard a couple of hours ago, they are hoping that if they could keep the bees relatively contained that once night fallls they will stay with their hives and it will be easier to move them to a new truck. The reporter on the radio, also mentioned in the article, was pretty clear that in the interim pretty much everyone but the bee keepers that had been brougt in were staying well back after some stinging incidents earlier in the day. Man, those have got to be some pretty stressed bees.

It's the wrong time of the year to establish a feral hive and stock it for winter, especially with lessened population. As a rough rule of thumb, north of the Mason-Dixon the honey flow stops in early July, though there is maintenance forage later.

There is also the problem of non-tended bees succumbing to various mites which are prevalent in the north.

I imagine it really sucked to bee the driver. :smiley:

Bees. My god.

(Anyone have that picture?)

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were on the scene, apparently. Could it have been a sting operation?

Latest news is that most of the bees have been collected. It’s a honey of a story on a quiet news day.

Updated story from the CBC. All but 100,000 or so of the bees were re-hived, and the highway has been reopened.


Now, that’s what I call a sticky situation!

Well, at least it wasn’t as smelly as if a honey wagon had wrecked…

I’m glad they got most of the bees and they didn’t have to comb the area for them.

Bees are on the whatnow?

And who’s job was it to count all them bees?


Yeah Harmonious Discord I’m curious too about who was it that did the bee census.

There’s an ‘Eric, the half a bee’ joke in here somewhere, I know it…

Probably some folks from BC who simply looked at the swarm and could tell.

Bee-see, eh?

And you wondered where all those ‘disappearing bees’ had gone? Why to Canada, on vacation, of course!

Colonly Collapse Disorder my butt.

They have a system.
Just count the legs and divide by 6. Easy.