Eek! I keep getting called by a mysterious "Synthetic Man"!

Can somebody explain why, about twice a week, I get a phone call from a mysterious artificial voice who, once I’ve picked up the phone, says in all it’s synthetic sincerity:

"I’m sorry, I seem to have reached this number in error".


Is this maybe a telemarketing outfit’s computer randomly picking numbers and confirming they lead somwhere? Perhaps a fancy fax machine that apologizes when it doesn’t hear the appropriate connection squeal? Malevolent extraterrestrials confirming that I’m home and out of reach of my protective Titanium Crowbar™?

((Clutching crowbar while awaiting answer)).

Have you published any papers in astrophysics that might have caught Steven Hawking’s attention?

Hawking! I should have known it was that vindictive little jellyfish!
The little creep is always doing stuff to irritate me – collapsing waveforms in my cupboards, sneaking event horizons in my garage (no two bloody clocks in my house agree with one another) and ringing my doorbell and rolling away before I can answer them.

The Cyclons are making obscene phone calls!

Let me know if it asks “Shall we play a game?”

I am the master of tic tact toe

Cyclon voice
By your command.
*Cyclon voice

I’ve no idea, honestly, but if this isn’t it, I have to say, it’s a damn good idea.

Seriously, do you have caller id? You could do a reverse lookup on the number, or just call it. Or perhaps if the weird message was the most recent call you received, you can *69 to call it back (beware: if you don’t subscribe, you phone company may charge you $0.75 or more for this feature)

It’s the voice of the Mysterons.

Oops, I had ment to mention that I did *69 it and got an “We’re sorry, the number is out of range” or something to that effect.

probably cos the caller was poving at trans-light speed and, therefore, out of range by conventional sub-light speed scanners used by your local phone company. Petition the phone company to upgrade to trans-light speed scanners.

Heh,welby I think i am the only one who got the wargames reference.

I guess in the intervening years since being taken off the nuclear weapons program WOPR has taken to making crank calls. :slight_smile:

For the Brits–

Exterminate! Ex-Ter-Min-Ate! EX-TER-MIN-ATE! THE DOC-TOR MUST BE EX-TER-MIN-A-TED! :slight_smile:

Ahem! It’s “Cylons,” not “Cyclons.”