What's up with these odd phone calls I'm getting?

About three times in the past month or so, I’ve received a robocall with the caller ID 1-800-555-1212. If I answer, the robotic voice says, “This is a message for [my full name]. To hear this message again, press 1. To [something else I forget now], press 9.” If I press 1, I hear exactly the same thing repeated. I never get the actual message. It never says anything other than what I put in quotes. (The 9 option might be to signal I’m not the person the robot is looking for. Damned crummy memory.)

Oddly, when it says my name, it gives my first name, middle initial, and last name. I rarely use my middle initial. It’s on my credit cards, but I I don’t usually use it when I sign up for services or anything like that.

So my instinct is that this is a scam of some sort. Or a bad guy got hold of my credit card and is doing some kind of verification? But damned if I can figure out what the angle is. The caller ID is obviously spoofed, which makes me lean toward thinking this is suspicious. But other than that, this is a big WTF for me.

Any thoughts?

Information miners that want to confirm their data before they sell it to ad companies.


As you suspect, some sort of scam.

Either way, don’t press 1! (or answer the phone for that matter.)