Eek... stepping out on a limb

I am considering going back to school. I have a BA already (not in use, as it is truely useless LOL), and have found a near by university that offers an ASL program. I’m thrilled beyond belief, but totally have sticker shock from looking at the tuition and knowing I’m gonna have to get childcare for when I’m in class. Am I crazy for considering this? Does anyone know if my BA degree I already have will keep me from having to take all the gen ed classes and filler courses?

From Hubby (he has WAY too many degrees!)…

Depends. Most schools will let you transfer core classes, if it hasn’t been too long. Check with the school to be sure. Typically if you already have a degree, you only have to take the Classes in that new field.

(But if your BA is in Elementary Education and you want a Business degree, you have to take all the classes required for Business that you have not taken, even if it’s 3 years of classes).

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