I'm going back to school! WHOOOPPEEEE!!

Yes, tis true. I went to school, earned a BA in psych, received a piece of toilet paper… er excuse me, a diploma, got sidetracked winding up in a crappy office for the past few years, all the while knowing my one true desire in life has always been to play and write music, and I’m now finally this September going to study music full time. I am sooooooooo excited, if I was a liquid I probably wouldn’t be able to contain myself, unless i got one of those rigid full body wet suits with a sealable face mask and a one way nozzle for air, (hey, even liquid people have to breathe).

Me too. Im going to take some sign language classes, they are taught by deaf guys. It’s been like 6 years since I talked to another deaf guy. Can you imagine waiting that long to talk to a hearing guy? Probably not :slight_smile:

I honestly couldn’t imagine. How did you communicate with other deaf people 6 years ago? reading lips?

Using the hands sir, the hands.

Hey! Me too! I’ll be attending the University of St. Thomas right here in good ol’ Minneapolis. Goin’ for my bachelor’s in bidnezz of some type.

Yay for us!

Hey CONGRATS Canth! (can I call you Canth?) Whooppee!! let’s hear it (or sign it) for school!!!

So how was dealing with all the beaurocratic BS and financial aid crap for you?

That’s good news out of all of you. School is good. And trading one useless degree (psych) for another (music) is GREAT! Education for it’s own sake is good. I don’t know about that “bidnezz” degree, though. That may be too practical.

Which raises a personal question, Cant. Do I assume correctly that you are a wee bit deaf? I am interested because my old job made me conscious of ADA issues and I am curious how you function in bidnezz.

Yea for us school folk! Ironically enough, I am going for my psych BA. But I’m not stopping till there is a Dr. in front of my name, so at least it won’t be totally useless…

That’s the only way to do it Swiddles. As I mentioned previously, a BA in psych makes for good toilet paper, and I just didn’t have the desire to take it to the next step.

But best of luck to you. Are you looking to take the clinical route or the research/experimental route?

And Yeah for us schoolfolk

Hey Moe - Congrats on following through on the career of your dreams! I don’t think I’d have the guts to do what you’re doing. And also congrats to the others who are going for degrees, hell or high water! (I’m just plodding along preparing for my first “real” education class this semester…I’m getting excited, though!)

Let’s hear it one more time for school people!
Wooo-hoooo!! :smiley:

Thanks Quad, yes it certainly is a gamble. But what the hey, it’s only life.

Definately clinical. Hopefully child psych, if the empathy moves me. I waited till I was damn sure this is what I wanted to do before going back full time, and I have no regrets.

And just for the hell of it, YEA US!

Congrats, Moe! I’m glad that you’re following your dream. It takes guts to follow dreams because you never know if they’ll blow up in your face or not. You’ll have to tell us how it goes. :^)

A couple years ago I wanted to major in psychology, but my mind has changed a lot since then. I’m leaning towards majoring in education (maybe; english or spanish), or journalism, with a definite minor in Spanish. I’m even debating on that though, too. What I’d really love to do would be art therapy, since I’m an artist and also want to go into something like social work, and what better way to combine the two? I’ve only found one college so far that offers art therapy however; luckily it’s only an hour or so away (I want to go to a college near home). Oh well, I have a whole year to decide…I hope I can pursue what I want to like you are doing.

Welfy, an artist friend of mine in college did a double major in Psych and Art, and he’s planning on becoming an art therapist. As an undergrad, it’s probably not necessary to be that focused - a BA in Psych and a minor or second major in art is probably enough to get into a graduate program in art therapy, and you’ll probably be glad to have a wider background in psychology in the long run. (I’m not a psych student, but my good friend is working on her Psy.D. right now and talks incessantly about her chosen profession. I get a lot of info about it.) Just pointing out that it’s not necessary to go to the one school that offers a program - any worthwhile school will allow you to double major or even combine art and psychology as an independent major.


I’m [still] in grad school, in a program that tends to be populated by people coming to school after working and knowing what they want to do. I have found that they are just amazing and inspiring to be around. Good for you for going back and doing what you want!!

Hey, me too! Part time this year, up to full time next fall.
I’m going to finally finish up my bachelor’s in sociology.


I’ve always had myself set in three areas: Elementary Education, Child Psychology and Special Education. And just recently I’ve decided which way I really want to go.

I start my BFA journey on September 4th. Woo woo! I am soooo excited!

SwimmingRiddles, good for you (and everybody else!) Sister-in-law #1 is now Dr. Jennifer, and SIL #2 is on her way, both psych, with #2 doing a lot of work in the area of fetal alcohol syndrome. Important work, rotten subject.

When I went back to school after previously wasting a ton of the parent’s cash and other people’s time, I felt a little funny in a room full of 19 year olds (I am 30something), but it passed. I hung out with my professors instead.

Is college wasted on young people who only just graduated from high school? Perhaps- it was in my case, and it was a long, strange trip to get back.

Swiddles - good luck to you. I was always thinking in terms of research when I was in school, but I took at least a few child psych related courses (general, educational, abnormal, etc.) and let me just warn you to be prepared, you will be insane for awhile, but that’s part of it. (everything you learn will relate to your own life in some way. Just keep reminding yourself “my parents did their best”.) (note: if you don’t have such issues, please disregard :))

Welfy - Thanks. Yes, it does take guts, but I really have nothing to lose. I don’t like my job, but I think about music for most of the day, and spend most of my free time playing. I can’t wait to be able to concentrate on it fully. Working a 9-5 office job just destroys any creative energy I might otherwise have. So I really have no worries about it blowing up in my face.
You said “I hope I can pursue what I want to like you are doing”. - you would be amazed how easy it is. If that’s your goal, research it, and ask questions to anyone who knows anything. I never thought I was going to make it to school (and I’m still not there yet) this fall, but I’ve just remained so persistent and focused on this goal for the past 7 months that now it looks as if it’s going to happen. Stick with it, and best of luck to you. And BTW Kyla is very correct. You don’t need to find an Art therapy program per se (though finding a good one is certainly a bonus and you’ve found one close to home which is a double bonus). Most good schools will work with you to help you tailor a program to fit your needs, and advisors can help tell you what else you may need to do (internships and stuff like that). They are free too, talk to them.

Cranky - thanks a bunch. It is encouraging to hear someone speaking positively about people going back to school after being in the work force. It has, as anyone could guess, been kind of a source of anxiety. I mean, I make pretty good money now, and going back to living like a college student is going to be a bit of a change (cheap beer, potato chips for breakfast, etc.), plus I’m a bit more cynical and less enthusiastic as I used to be, (I hope I can keep up with them youngsters :)) (I’m suddenly finding myself relating to your handle). Anyway, best of luck to you in completing grad school.

Oh, and YEAH for people going (or currently in) school!! WHOOPPEEE!!!

For me absolutely. Parents are so concerned with keeping up with everyone else (for obvious reasons, the world is so damn competitive these days) that I think many young people are sent to college for the wrong reasons. My parents didn’t care what I was interested in, they just wanted me to have a degree, (an academic one that is, they were dead set against the arts, well for me, not for my sister who is currently a student of art, but that’s a whole other can of worms)

Anyway, if I could turn back time I would undoubtedly take at least a year off between HS and college to learn who I was.

BTW congrats to you tygre and mega (you guys snuck in posts before I could finish my last one) (anyone currently in the process of posting that they’re going to school, Congrats in advance) :slight_smile: