Eep! I Boycotted for Equality by accident!

After a bit of the drink last night and going out for a bit more of the drink and then coming home to spend far too much time playing poker online (although I won $150 in 2 hours so time well spent AFAIC) I decided that I couldn’t face the day at work and decided to call in sick. Napped for a couple hours, woke up long enough to call in and went back to sleep.

Now here I sit tooling through the boards and checking my various online news sources and get to this story: Gay National Boycott Begins I’d forgotten all about it Boycott for Equality! The last I thought of it was a couple days ago when I saw a short article about a women’s group in NYC trying to organize something similar for later this month and BoE promptly went right out of my head again. Had no intention of boycotting, don’t think it will make an impact, didn’t consider it for a second in deciding to call in to work. But here I am anyway.

So, um, Go Equality!

I’ll be shopping today for an anti-Bush protest concert, so maybe it’ll balance itself out.

“Alcohol == Death”

So wait a second, the boycott was today? A Friday? Now I have even less for respect for it. To show your support for the GLBT community, take a three-day weekend and don’t tell anyone what it’s for! Hooray for sacrifice!

4-day holiday–Monday is a paid holiday for some folks (like me). However, this so-called boycott sounds so lame that I wouldn’t have participated even if I had known about it. I really loathe stupidly misguided GLBT protests that depend on the device on not doing something, like not talking on the Day of Silence or not going to work. All it does is give naive idealists an inflated sense of accomplishment while making gay issues easier than usual to ignore.

Still, taking a Friday off to watch TV and recover from a hangover sounds like a good idea to me–Go, Otto!

I spent the morning learning how to hook rugs, and I’ll spend the afternoon in a car on the way to Thanksgiving weekend, so we’ll see how it goes.

I am incredibly fortunate in that I can drink like a fish and not get hung over.

And I would never waste my afternoon in front of the TV! Not when there’s money to be made at online poker! Up another $50 bucks so far today.

Gah! Except even as I was typing this up I dropped $20 when my pocket KK got sucked out by someone’s pocket QQ when they hit their third Q on the river! Oh well, I’m still way up overall.

If anyone’s interested, here is a posting about that women’s boycott for later this month.

Well, at least this time the guy was betting on quality and not on crap.

Yeah, I got no hard feelings against the guy. I wouldn’t lay down QQ with a board full of undercards either. Just bad luck for me, but I won it back and more as the day went on. Some other little punk though, when I typed something in chat about the river, started talking smack to me, like I was chasing a hand by making $3 and $6 bets. So I took away some money from him and he shut the hell up.

I agree completely. That’s why I spent today going around to local merchants and explaining to them that I wasn’t boycotting their businesses, I’m just really broke at the moment.

OK it’s not a boycott, but I’m always amused when they have “red shirt day” at the larger amusement parks and if you’re wearing a red shirt it means you’re gay or support gay rights, etc. So you see these anti-gay straight guys & anti-gay Christian fundies who happen to be wearing red shirts and you strike up a conversation and mention how nice you think it is that they’re showing their pride in being gay and supporting gay rights. :eek: Bwah, ha, ha!