Eerie domain names registered before the WTC attack?

This story seems absolutely scandalous, if it’s true.

It definitely seems like one that somebody here can debunk if it’s untrue. I searched the archives here and on the great Snopes, but didn’t find anything. I also tried a ‘whois’ lookup on - I only found one of the domains registered and it was registered on the day of the attack. (But there are other competitors of Internic now who register domains, right?)

I know nothing about the credentials of this site - could be a couple of guys in a basement running it for all I know.

Someone please fight my ignorance!

Well I went to and looked up several of them which were still available. So I wouldn’t put much credence into the story.

My ISP has a much better WHOIS that gets information much better.



They are a whole month early.

I would just point out that people register all kinds of domain names in hopes that they will become valuable.

Just take a look at the domain names being auctioned off on ebay.

Perhaps they were registered with the 1993 bombing of the WTC in mind. None of them mentions airplanes crashing into them, so they could be about the truck bomb that exploded there 8 years ago.

New here, hello. Popping in because I’m a DNS admin with a very large hosting company, so this is my field of BS, if you will. Most, if not all of these types of domain names were not registered until after the attacks. Many of the ones that were listed may have been actually been registered at one point, but individual registrars have the authority to reject or hold the registration of a domain name based on their discretion. Some may even have appeared to been registered the day before depending on the time zone of the registrar they used and the time zone they are in.

In regards to the article referanced, FBI has nothing to do with domain name registrations. registrars don’t generally police domain names that are being registered unless something like this happens. It is generally illegal for most hosting companies to police their customer’s sites or content unless illegal activity has been reported to them by an outside user.

more than you wanted to know, adios

Thanks for that definitive reply, Eschient.

Snopes finally addressed this: