Eeww! 12 hours in Wal-Mart, and mom's body is in the car.


Just catching the local news, and details are very sketchy at the moment, but a woman’s decomposing body was found in a car in a WalMart parking lot yesterday night (Daytona Beach - Palm Coast Parkway and I-95), while the daughter spent 12 or so hours wandering about WalMart.

Like I said, details are sketchy, and I’m trying to find some links, but from what I can glean, the car had Oklahoma plates. Someone complained about a horrible smell on Tuesday morning, authorities investigated, and 2 hours later, found the driver wandering around Wal*Mart.

And according to authorities, the body may have been driven about for 5 days. And the daughter is under observation for mental problems. :eek:

and no one noticed?! :eek:

Hmmm…was she allowed to drive in the HOV lanes?

Yergg. Where’s that barf smiley?

Un link

Looking for the coffin section?

If she spent 12 hours in a Wal-Mart, I’d say that answers the “mental problems” question right there

Nah, she was looking for air freshners. New car scent, probably.

Compared to the average Wally World, the smell in the car might have been more pleasant.

So a lady who wanders around for 12 hours would go unnoticed. If I wait in a shop for half an hour I get security following me around. And as for the car, if this was Britain that would have soooo been clamped.

In some of those supercenters you could wander for 12 hours without a clerk acknowledging your presence.

Hmm. Older person dies on a cross-country trip, trip ends at Wally World. What movie does this seem to be lifted from?

Turklebaum Tonight?


I am sitting here at work in Daytona Beach and this is the first I have heard about this! yuck!

Didn’t I see this on Mythbusters the other night???

nope its true

Did she still have to wear a seat belt?

I wonder what the Law would say.
Technically the seat belt is to prevent injury. You can`t be any more injured then dead. So, I guess she would be exempt from the seatbelt thing…No?


I’ve been IN that Wal-Mart.
My in-laws live not too far from there.

Jeez, I hope it wasn’t them that noticed the odor.

Gotta go call my wife’s parents now. CYA!

I wonder.
Ticket her and lets find out.
Will it get more or less coverage than Kobe and Mikey?
They can ticket a man having a heart attack, could we say he was “mostly dead”?
Would that be a precedent?

one of my co-workers was there last night- I told her she missed her chance to see a dead body. She says she didn’t notice a body, any gross smells, or a mental case wandering around the store. She says she will try to be more aware of her surroundings from now on!