Eeyor's Birthday

Here in Austin, we have a big huge celebration for Eeyor’s birthday (yes, that’s the depressed donkey who’s always loosing his tail from “Winnie the Pooh”). It’s a rather odd festival in my opinion, lots of white people dancing around to tribal music :confused:, lots of loud music, beer drinking, and of course, pot smoking. All a lot of loud celebrating for a quiet guy, no? Anyway, I was wondering, do other cities/towns have a birthday party for Eeyor, or is it just another excuse for Austinites to smoke out in public (we just had Bob Marley Fest last weekend. What a town!)?

Us pedantic fans of the books might celebrate Eeyore.


Seems to be just Austin. Found a page with more info on the origins.

Wow. Maybe Texas isn’t so bad after all (George W. Shrub notwithstanding…)

Well, Malchats- this is Austin we’re talkin’ about. The rest of Texas ain’t nowhere near as cool. :slight_smile:

Anyway, once again I didn’t go. I came this close to making it this year, but I ended up having too much work to do.

I’ve only been once before, though most of my friends go (and are part of the juggling entertainment there). I’m not really big on the pot smoking thing, but the drum circle’s fun, and they usually have smoked turkey legs.

Maybe one of these days I’ll go and do the face painting thing.

cool! eeyore is my favourite.