Effect of former SEAL's "No Easy Day" book on election

So a former SEAL wrote a book about his firsthand account of the Bin Laden raid. It’ll come out in September.


How much of an effect will this have on the election?

Other news sites have copies of the book already and from what they’ve summarized, the author’s not a huge fan of Obama.

The Atlantic has a piece up saying that the author is probably facing legal issues over disclosure of classified information.

If so, it seems it would complicate all the claims of leaks in the administration.

I was amazed that a trade publisher didn’t get it vetted. They knew they were supposed to. I remember them claiming that part of the reason to classify EVERY image from the raid was to prevent it from being used as a recruitment tool. Can you imagine this book being any less of a recruitment tool?

So, now the question becomes… if the author got an advance, who will end up paying out to the DOJ? The publisher who failed to get the book vetted or the author?

It will be interesting to see if the book actually goes on sale.

From the author:

Yup, that’s why it is being released in Sept instead of mid Nov to avoid the political, election stuff.

I have no respect for the author who has now provided a recruitment tool to the enemy. If he winds up dead, it will be by his own doing and by his own need for attention.

I have no doubt the Right will rally around this attention whore because they want more battles, that’s how they make their money.

Depends. If the primary function of the book is a propaganda ploy to slur Obama, it has already succeeded, its out there, “Navy Seal Hero Says Obama Is A Wussy”. No book has to be produced, sold or read, it has had its impact.

On the other hand, they guy just might be a heedless asshole, and none of this is high-minded treachery and skulduggery. Certainly possible.

Where is McCain demanding a leak investigation?

If this book is investigated, will it be the DOJ or DOD? When I left the service, I could have been recalled to duty. Can this guy be called back and subjected to military justice?

The DoD has already said that because he is out of the service, it will be up to the DoJ to investigate.

The Pentagon is reviewing the book now. So, you’d think the publisher would be happy to comply, after all the book isn’t set to release until Sept 11th. Right?

Nope, they’re releasing next week (IMHO in order to get it out there BEFORE they get told they can’t).


I hope the DoJ puts a hold on the books and they have to pulp all 575,000 copies.

I hope not, let 'er buck. Let’s see what he’s got. If I were Obama, I’d buy a couple hundred copies and offer them for free to notorious fact checkers. Pass 'em around, be cool as a moose.

This SEAL guy, with all due respect to his training and his service, he wasn’t in the room. He was in the helicopter. I am entirely prepared to give credence to his account of what happened in that helicopter.

Response from a prior team mate: ( Fellow SEAL's Strong Message for 'Benedict Arnold' Behind OBL Raid Book - TheBlaze )

Bolding mine

Um…no. Not so. That isn’t how it works in a free country. A woman can wear a skimpy halter-top and cut-off shorts and not invite rape; a man can write a book condemning Osama Bin Laden and not invite being killed under a fatwa.

Your comparison only works if the woman wearing the skimpy halter-top intentionally walks into a building full of men who are ideologically determined to rape every woman alive. The author was not oblivious to the beliefs and tactics of Al-Qaeda (who are not known fans of or observers of US laws).

A scantily-clad woman isn’t betraying the trust of a secretive team or the country. This guy has invited enmity upon himself, and he doesn’t have much control over what form it takes.

Kinda hard to determine the effect without having the book released so we can read it. Hows about we resurrect this thread on Sept 12?

I think the Republican political machine is simplistic enough that a pretty accurate portrayal of their response can be made in advance of its release.

We already know that he claims it was a shoot-to-kill mission.

Republican Machine: “OMG! Obama lied! They didn’t even try to capture him. Romney would have tried to capture him for sure!”

If the DOJ prevents its release:

Republican Machine: “The administration is hiding any information that criticizes it, but they release all kinds of their own secret information! Investigate the leaks!”

The DoD doesn’t want to, but yes, they can recall a retiree and subject them to UCMJ, if the crime occurred while in service before they retired. They can also strip away a pension if you are convicted of a felony after retirement. Not sure if that’s permanent or just while in the pokey.

I know of one case where a crypto device was marked as destroyed and then when found years later they recalled someone to charge them with lying about it. Reduced them in rank and adjusted their retirement downwards. Significantly.

The thingy in question fell behind a crypto safe and the person responsible figured since there was no way to get to the damn thing without cutting through steel etc, to just mark it as destroyed. Years later the safe was being removed.

Someone found it and was like, “Hey what’s this thingy?”

The nearest crypto tech probably felt the blood drain from his face, his lunch suddenly racing back up his throat, severe ringing in his ears… and then the real freakout started.

I think that the DoD may ask the DoJ to bring the smackdown on this guy, probably after the election. They need to nip this babbling brook of ex-specops in the bud but quick, and they’re looking for someone to make an example of. It’s not about Obama or Osama, it’s about you solemnly promised to STFU, retiring doesn’t undo that promise.


I was confused, maybe others as well, so here…

According to this, there are two books spurting onto the scene. One is by the SEAL guy who is the main subject of this thread, the other is by a conservative hack (of the writing variety…) named Mintner. You can find the title if you want, I ain’t gonna…

Anyway, the really hair-raisng stuff about what a total wussy von douchebag Obama is is in the second book. The one we’re talking about is definitely disrespectful but without being actually slanderous.

A quote:

Anyway, it seems more likely that the Mintner book is specifically intended as partisan propaganda, while the SEALS guy’s books is therefore more likely about the benjamins. From what I’ve read about it, he relates that the SEALS team had no real respect or liking for Obama, and were anticipating him stealing all the credit. But the other book is a total slur. No mention of him being a Muslim, just stuff about Hilary bitch-slapping him around the room. Now that is a Situation Room!

Wow Bouncer, how long ago was this and how old was the device?

What it would actually do is show that leaks that make the President look bad will be prosecuted, leaks that make the President look good will not be.

The stuff in question was paper keymat tape. This was in the 90’s.

The freak out is because with old keying material you can go back and decode old comms, which will give you valuable data about plans and abilities as well as some reverse engineering information about the device itself. Custody of that material is taken very seriously.