Egg-cooking gadgets

I love gadgets. Well, I love gadgets that do what they’re supposed to do. Yes, I know it’s reeeeeally easy to cook eggs without gadgets.

The best one I have is called the Egg Genie for making soft and hard boiled eggs. You stand the eggs up in the corral (right from the fridge), add a measured amount of water depending on how hard you want them, put on the domed lid, and plug it in. When the eggs are done, the devise shrieks similar to a smoke alarm. Impossible to ignore.

Another one that works well is this egg cup thingie. You break the egg in there, snap on the cover and microwave for 35-50 seconds.

Someone gave me one of these microwave stoneware things for Christmas a few years ago. I haven’t quite gotten the timing down and often the egg is either undercooked or it explodes all over the inside.

I finally pitched this silicone egg cooker in the trash yesterday after many attempts at making it work over the years. When you put the egg in, it’s hard to close the top without breaking the yolk or causing the egg to spill over the sides, and the eggs sticks like crazy to the inside even when you butter it. Maybe it’s just me.

Do you have egg-cooking gadgets that you like (not necessarily for the microwave)?

I sous vide soft boiled eggs at 145 degrees F and use a pressure cooker for four minutes for hard boiled ones.

I have an Instant Pot (because gadgets) and I know you can cook eggs in it.

I love my old school egg poacher. bring water to boil, reduce heat, add insert, cover. 3 min later you have perfect eggs. 3 min 15 sec if you want them firm.

Bah. A pot (for poached eggs) or a pan are enough for me. Poached eggs take no longer than it takes to toast the English muffin they go on: just dump them in the simmering water.

This has to be the weirdest one I’ve seen: Rollie Hands-Free Automatic Electric Vertical Nonstick Easy Quick Egg Cooker. When the egg is done cooking, a bizarre egg-log rises up out of the cooking device.

That really needs the video infomercial to truly appreciate. :slight_smile:

Have you tried making Starbucks style sous vide egg bites in your IP? FB friends seem to use silicone rubber baby food freezer trays and love the results.

I’m tempted by an IP just for that. (If you haven’t tried Starbucks egg bites, I recommend them)

ah yes, the late-night gadget commercial, where people can’t so much as fold a T-shirt without suffering life-threatening injury.

Thoroughly skewered by Alton Brown.

I do mine with an Anova Precision Cooker now.

Some months ago I went to a Japanese restaurant that offers onsen eggs with dishes or as a side. I was instantly hooked - a cold, soft boiled egg with a solid silky white. I had a few goes at doing it without an immersion cooker with unreliable results. However Anova seems to be one of those products that you only pay full price for if you are unlucky, they are always on sale. So, I think mine was $100 off for father’s day.

I have settled on 149℉ for 45 minutes. I do 6 at a time and put any I don’t eat immediately in the fridge after an ice bath. When I want one on a salad or a noodle dish I just crack it like I am putting it in a frypan and gently pour it out.

The cooker just sits clamped to the side of a stockpot, plugged in and ready to go. I find that if all I have to do is turn it on, pour in the water and bag the food i use it more often. In the case of the eggs no bagging is required.

The other great gadget for cooking eggs is those little plastic egg timers that go in with your eggs when you boil them. They change color to show you how cooked the eggs are. I find with one of those, using the sale size eggs and keeping the timer with the eggs (either in or out of the fridge), I can get exactly the same result every time.

I’ve never had any luck hard-cooking eggs with an Anova. no matter which “recommended” procedure I try, they’re impossible to peel cleanly. and I don’t mean the shell/membrane is a bit reluctant to let go, I mean the white peels apart in thick layers.

I never hard cook with the Anova. Hard cooked eggs need to be steamed to peel easily; that’s a job for the Instant Pot. The Anova does make a perfect three-minute egg, but it does take 45 minutes to do it. You can make a dozen at a time and hold the extras refrigerated; warming them up to eating temperature as you need them, but that first one takes a while.

OMG! That’s disgusting!

OMG! That’s hilarious!

I have Henrietta.

Glove and Boots Reviewed it:

This review at amazon along with the accompanying PG-17-rated picture is hilarious.

This reviewer on YouTube describes the egg coming out of the Rollie thus: “It just extrudes out like a sea worm out of its tube”.

I got one of these and it really works. Simplicity its self.

This is brilliant.