Egg Shell & Gallstone

One of my pet-peeve is seeing people cracking egg shells on the sides of bowls or pans where the egg will be prepared or cooked. Having seen some high speed super slow motion shots of egg shell breaking where massive amount (a wee of exaggeration!) of egg shell particles explode and fly off, I stopped the practice of doing exactly that. I’m very leery of eating egg shell bits, particularly since my maternal side of family being highly prone to having gallstone (my mother & brother had them, alas, not yet for moi). Assuming unscientifically, my mother always said the love for egg on her side of family has a lot to do with so many having gallstones (yes I love eggs too).

Does having egg shell particles in your food cause/ increase your chance of developing gallstone?

(I can’t find any picture of high speed slowmo photo or video of cracking an egg shell. Does anyone have a link?)

IANAMD, however see Causes of Gallstones. If the nutritional factors suggested there are correct then some eggshell would if anything decrease the likelihood of gallstones.

Also don’t take any supplements, antacids or drink water.

Heredity and a poor diet are your main concerns.

IIRC, gallstones are crystallized cholesterol. Eggshells are mostly calcium, and many women don’t get enough calcium in their diets. Eat the eggshell, toss the egg!

My mother still says that my gallstones were caused by the water softener that my now-ex-husband insisted that we buy. I never for a moment considered that there was any factual reason for her to conclude that. Mostly, she:

  1. wanted it to be caused by something that couldn’t affect anyone else in the family,

  2. didn’t like my husband (now-ex-), and

  3. liked to think that one of the reasons she was overweight was that she was sensitive to salt, which water softeners will add in minute amounts.

Oh, and she also objects to spending money for non-essentials, which is a category that contains water softeners. Which is a long-winded way of saying that mothers don’t always know.