egg whites omlette

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I have to sort of dispute that. Having used Egg Beaters quite a few times as a professional cook, I’ve discovered that they stick to the pan much worse than “real” eggs. That’s not too much of a problem if I’m just making scrambled eggs. But it’s a real hassle in an omelette situation, because of the need to flip the entire omelette in one piece. It’s incredibly frustrating when half of the omelette sticks to the bottom of the pan, causing the whole thing to come apart.

This is weird.

I just googled Egg Beaters - apparently it is a product that has the cholesterol and some calories removed from egg. It didnt say if it is a syrup or dessicated. The main site was down.

Is this product popular in some parts of the world?
Is this a clear product or yellow? Is it dessicated egg white?

I thought the whole egg-cholesterol thing was debunked a while ago.

Cite? My understanding is that half the protein is in the yolk. So, if you are looking for protein, you need to eat twice as many egg whites as you would whole eggs.

I’ll post my cite if pressed, but I may get mocked.

With me, it’s not egg white omlettes, it’s scrambled egg whites.

Why? I’m not particularly fond of the taste of egg yolk, but I like the white bits with salt and/or butter. (Those of you who prefer the yolk are welcome to have mine) Just personal preference. Like to shovel them onto toast and make a sandwhich out of them, too.

That said, when eating out I usually just eat scrambled whole eggs because it’s easier to order and I’m not that fanatical about it.

It’s a common product in US supermarkets. IIRC, it’s kind of a yellowy-white, about the same color as what you’d expect a real blended egg to look like, and has about the same consistency as one, if slightly more watery. I actually bring this on camping trips for breakfasts, as it’s more convenient than trying to keep eggs from breaking. They make “single serving” cups with a peel-off lid, as well as small milk cartons full of it, some of which have a small screw-on cap set into the top so it’s easy to close up (rather than peel open the top to create a spout).