Egghead Website hacked

I bought from them a lot but they were suppposed to email anyone effected. I haven’t got an email from them, has anyone else? Supposely around 2M credit card numbers might be taken.

I’ve bought a bit from them. You can bet I’ll be checking my card bill a bit more carefully from now on. Glad I have a “zero liability” feature on my card.

So you’re saying Egghead’s Internet security is just a big yoke?

Yep, I got an email from them saying they would contact the banks for us, whatever that would do for us, I can’t imagine.

From what I heard on the news, small amounts are billed to the credit cards in the hope that card-holders either won’t notice or won’t bother reporting to the card-issuing agencies. Of course, when you multiply small amounts by millions, it rapidly becomes BIG amounts.

My Russian friend informs me that, according to the Russian language news sites, the Russian police are investigating Russian hackers suspected of this crime.

Russia? In that case if you see anything on your statement that says salonderussia or something, youll know its them. Shucks, I would get another card number but I just ordered a plane ticket & you have to have your CC for it when you visit the airport.

I do believe I got hit by this. I just got home from my parent’s, was reading my e-mails, and saw the note from Egghead. I guess since I bought a computer case from them about a year ago. So I checked my credit card account out online, and saw a rather disturbing charge for $10.25 on 12/21 for “Global Telecom Moscow Russia”! :frowning: Not having many dealings with the former Soviet Union, I called up the credit card co immediately. They punched the transaction into the computer, and suddenly their whole tone changed. Instant acknowledgement of the bad charge (no justification needed on my part), and “we will be doing a security cancellation of your card” and “our fraud department will be sending you a packet and an affadavit to fill out”!

Should be an interesting experience. :slight_smile: I bet there are a lot of people who don’t see their transactions until the bill comes – they’ll get this unpleasant surprise in the weeks to come.

Oh boy.

Shucks, I just bought an airline Eticket that requires showing the credit card I bought it with when I pick it up. So, Im not sure about getting a new card number yet.

I got an email form them even though I never bought anything from them. The email says that there is no evidence that suggests credit card data was compromised (yeah right).

      • My bank just called and said that they were canceling one of my credit cards I had used there in the last few months and issuing me a new one. - MC

When my acct went up & my statement was late & the online statement didn’t process for a week, I thought they got something but it appears now that the statement has come that they haven’t.

My neighbor here at work, bought something from them recently, but apparently was not one of those stung. Her credit card company, however, cancelled every card that had made a purchase from Egghead within a certain timeframe.

The first she had heard of the whole thing was when she tried to use the card at the grocery store.
For those who can’t cancel because of pending airline tickets: I’ve never had the counter person actually do anything with the card, s/he just confirmed that I was in physical possession of the card charged. If that is the case you can cancel the card and still present the credit card at the airport.

Don’t do it on my word though, confirm with the airline and credit card company.