"Eggland's Worst?"

Well, it’s happened again. Another company has hired an amateur copywriter for its commercials. “Eggland’s Best” has a commercial that says that its eggs are among foods that "just *TASTE *better ’ … of course implying that their eggs aren’t really better at all, could even be worse … but at least they *TASTE *better.

Which car company was it, a few years back, whose cars “just *FEEL *better”? They wound up correcting the commercial to “just. feel. better.” which has a whole different meaning. Let’s see what happens with Eggland’s (maybe) Best.

Just. taste. better.
Works for me, but I’m allergic to eggs

Every time I see their commercials (after Jeopardy!) I always spend a second or two imagining the horror of visiting the country of Eggland.

Or, I start singing, “I am the Eggland, you are the Eggland, I am the walrus! Coo-coo-ca choo!”

Fortunately, my kids are used to it. :slight_smile:

Everyone knows you must visit Eggland in the winter. Summer traffic is awfully scrambled there, and that’s no yolk.

Is it true that the residents of Eggland have a real cholesterol problem?

One of the most beautiful girls I have ever been involved with was an egg model for Eggland’s best. She actually modeled eggs. This girl is stunning, and she would stand in a booth next to a display of Eggland’s Best prducts, holding an egg or two in a modely way. Every time I see the brand I think of her, which may or may not be what the company had in mind what they hired her.

The capital of Eggland, New Yolk City is a lovely little omelet.

Is Eggland anywhere near the Kingdom of Butter?