Eggs and cooking out nutrients

I could swear i saw a post about this somewhere before, but I did a search here and came up with nothing, so apologies if this has been covered before.

What is the best method of cooking eggs, If i want to preserve their maximum benefits of nutrients/protien/whatever? Hard boiled? scrambled? is there a significant difference?

Also what is the risk of me actually getting sick if i were to eat around 4 raw eggs (properly refridgerated) on a daily basis? Will them being raw give me any additional benefit over cooked?

gonna be a contender…not really.

I’m not sure about the best method for retaining nutrients, but the chances of gettign severly sick from raw eggs are almost zero.

The chances of an egg having salmonella are one in thousands. And from there, it has to get from the shell, into the egg, and THEN, it has to be in large enough amounts so that it can “grab a foothold” in your system.

But, if you are still worried, you can buy pasturized eggs now that have an even lesschance of harboring salmonella.

Here’s a link to a page of Egg nutritional facts. One of the main things eggs provide is protein. I don’t think cooking makes any difference at all.

I don’t see any advantage, myself, in the eggs being raw.

Actually, cooking eggs significantly improves their digestibility and the uptake of protien as demonstrated here:

Eating raw eggs for strength is a myth.