Egypt Air flight MS-81 has been hijacked

MSNBC is reporting an Egypt Air flight has been hijacked and has landed in Cyprus. They are reporting 55 people are onboard the plane and there is a report there is a bomb and a lone hijacker. No reports yet about what the hijacker wants. This is a domestic flight from Alexandria to Cairo.

This sounds like a flashback to the 70s. Landing in Cyprus was something that happened more than once I seem to recall.

Hopefully everyone will get out of this situation alive.

Reuters link without much info.

Every now and then someone on this board will mention that a 9/11 type attack wouldn’t happen again because the passengers would take down any hijackers. I guess not.

This was supposed to be short flight from Alexandra to Cairo. The hijacker demanded that the plane go to Istanbul, but the pilot said that they didn’t have enough fuel so they landed instead in Cyprus. I’m surprised that they even had enough fuel to fly that far.

324 nautical miles direct, which would be less than an hour, not hugely surprising depending on their fuel policy.

The reuters source referenced above says he has released all but 7 hostages now. He’s said to be asking for release of women prisioners in Egypt.

Sounds more like a intra-Egypt issue than some sort of international terrorism. IMHO as always.

Reports saying not terrorism related. Officials saying the suspect is “an idiot” demanding to see his ex-wife

Suspect has been arrested.

One man’s idiot is another man’s terrorist. I remember the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber with fondness.

I’m glad no one was hurt. The world has suffered a lot of horrific violence lately as it is.

Apparently, you missed the part about the hijacker wanting to see his ex-wife.

Idiot works.

Did he do this to pay for his ex-wife’s gender reassignment?