Egypt anyone?

I’m just a few days away from visiting my sister in Cairo. I thought I had all my ducks in a row for the trip. Now a problem… I was under the understanding that all you needed was a US passport and they would “sell” you a visa at the airport. Now my last few checks make it sound like I need a valid visa coming in. Ok’d by the embassy in D.C. .
In which case now I’m screwed. Anyone out there with first hand knowledge? I have my sister checking on it but the quicker the answer the better. Thanks

It appears you can in fact buy your visa at the airport. I have never done this myself, although recent visitors of mine have, but I would forgo the experience if you can, and obtain a visa from DC.

Hope this helps:

EGYPT - *Passport and visa required. Tourist visa, valid 1 month, requires $15 fee (cash or money order), 1 application form, and 1 photo. Enclose prepaid envelope for return of passport by certified mail. Proof of yellow fever immunization required if arriving from infected area. AIDS test required for workers and students staying over 30 days. Register with local authorities or at hotel within 7 days of arrival. For additional information consult Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, 3521 International Court, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20008 (202/895-5400) or nearest Consulate General: CA (415/346-9700), IL (312/828-9162), NY (212/759-7120), or TX (713/961-4915). Internet address: