Egypt in April

Mr. m and I are planning to go visit some friends in Cairo next April. We’ll be there for about 10 days. Any advice on where to go, what to see, etc. so we can use the time effectively? Also, any thoughts on safety and planning?

We’re very excited about the trip. It’s a place we’ve always wanted to go, but have never had the opportunity.

I think a quick side-trip to Jerusalem would be a kick. =D


Since you’re looking for advice rather than straight facts, I’ll move this thread to the IMHO forum.

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I am SO jelous! I loved it in Egypt. :slight_smile:

Carry a bottle of water with you at all times, and drink plenty.
Don’t drink the tap water.
If you can, go with a guide.
You can get good quality gold at cheaper prices there. If you’re a jewellry fan, treat yourself.
Places to go
Boat ride on the Nile

Have a fun holiday!

It might be a kick, but many Arab countries aren’t keen on people having travelled to Israel. That Israeli stamp in your passport might pose a problem, in that case. I don’t think Egypt blocks travellers who have been to Israel, but you should check on this, just in case.

In some cases, it’s possible to get an Israeli visa on a temporary insert to your passport. After travelling there, you merely remove that temporary page from your passport.

AWW! My lifelong dream has been to get my sorry-ass to Egypt. I even majored in Archaeolgy in college with the hope of becoming on Egyptologist. sigh :frowning:

The Giza Plateau
Abu Simbel
Valley of the Kings, Queens, Nobles
Temples of Karnak
The Cairo Museum

I’ve travelled from Israel to Egypt, and back again. I have both Israeli and Egyptian stamps in my passport. No problems with either country. I haven’t been to Cairo, so I don’t have any advice for moonstarssun, but I understand that spring is the ideal time to go there because it is REALLY HOT there in the summer.

Three of your recommendations are not in Cairo, but with ten days available are worth seeing.

In Cairo, I would recommend the Khan el-Khalili (the huge open air market), the pyramids and sphinx (both at the same location in Giza), the museum, and a felluca ride on the Nile.

Drink only bottled, unopened-by-others water. Do NOT eat raw vegetables, or food from street vendors. Do NOT engage a “guide” at the pyramids, regardless of proclamations of being “free”. While he may be knowledgeable, his goal is to get you out of sight of others and roust you for money. If a vendor tries to hand you something, do NOT take it from him unless you intend to buy it; they won’t take the item back and you’ll end up dropping it in the dirt, which will really piss him off.