Egypt Racist?

So are all of you anti-Israel types going to comment on Egypt’s move to strip citizenship from men a married to Israeli women? Just Jews though, Arab women are OK. Maybe the UN will pass a bill condemning it, right? I am sure they are equally opposed to racism wherever it comes from.

You mean they’re still sore about getting their butt kicked a few thousand years ago? :stuck_out_tongue:

I get so sick of OPs who start it off by sneeringly questioning why [enter your favorite arch-enemy here] hasn’t complained about something. It bothers you, fine, start a Pit thread.

This is a bullshit policy on Egypt’s part, racist and wrong-headed, and it would have been better served by an OP that simply blasted it. But no, well poisoning has to be included to prove . . . umm . . . something.

I don’t think anyone should defend Egyptian racism.

I will however note an item of separate but similar Israeli racism:

Normally the child of an Israeli is considered Israeli… unless the other parent is a Palestinian, then they aren’t.

In Israel the spouse of an Israeli citizen is usually granted citizenship if they fill out the paperwork… unless the spouse is Palestinian, then they don’t.

In Israel, children born in Israel are generally considered Israeli citizens…unless one of their parents s Palestinian, then they aren’t.

So if an Israeli citizen marries a Palestinian and has a child in Israel, neither the spouse nor the child are Israeli citizens and the child must leave the country when they reach a ceratin age.

I’m not saying that this justifies the Egyptian racism.

But it certainly makes understandable why they would do such a thing. What’s good for the goose, n that. Perhaps Israel should just stop setting shitty examples?

Poor Dan, he’s got to find something that makes it OK for Israel to shoot innocents both frontside and backside.
Keep looking Dan. Maybe Egypt will execute some of the women as spys. That’d even things up for you real good, wouldn’t it, Dan?

-Yours in Christ, Squink

I don’t care who started it, both of ya’ll stop it.

ITT: 2 year olds fighting.

Racist? Definitely morons, and ethnically prejudiced. Since Arabs and Jews are technically both semites, its moronic prejudice.

Egypt must be running to the rescue of Israel, to help support the Israeli vision of Arabs as complete morons. :^)

Racist? No, I’m sure they don’t care if the women are Ashkenazi or Ethiopian Jews. That makes them discriminating on cultural or religious grounds (you pick), but not racist. Definitely chauvinist, though.

It’s just a political point being made, though, everyone know it. So I’m not even going to condemn it as bigotry. It’s just the same *realpolitik *all nations practice, “how the game is played”, so I’ve been told in other threads.

So when South Africa removed citizenship from the Xhosa, et al., that was just a political point being made?

Jeez, I’d a thought that sending rockets and suicide bombers into Israel would be justification enough.

I know, we hear about this all the time from people who are terrorist apologists. You’d think it is worse than sending rockets and suicide bombers into Israel the number of times it gets mentioned.

How is this different from the Egyptian policy that you and I both deplore? Assuming that the Israeli policy is as described, I’m happy to deplore it as well.

Seriously? I’m not saying I don’t believe you, but cite? (I’m just curious and want to read about it.)

I’m pretty sure you don’t have the be a “terrorist apologist” to find such a policy deplorable, since you yourself seem to be condemning it in Egypt’s case.

This. However deplorable, a policy can’t be “racist” unless it is actually targeted at a “race”.

What on earth does rockets and suicide bombers have to do with Egypt?

Or, for that matter, with blowing the heads off of 9 flotilla activists and injuring many more…which was how I interpreted Squink’s point.

Just as a crazy-wild thought experiment, what if the nation we now know as Israel had been largely-populated by Europe-educated Muslims who wanted to establish a parliamentary democracy in the Middle-East?

And did to the locals what the Israeli’s do to the Palistinians?

I think things would be harder on them - much harder.