Eh? Eh? (Jay Sherman Voice)

I’m at a big turning point in my life and thought it would be a good time to finally join.
I served a couple of long years in lurkistan and feel like I sort of know a number of you, though I won’t say who so as not to creep you out. You guys helped me file my taxes, recommended several books, and greatly entertained me.
Some random pointless things about me:
I like to create things.
Instrumental music often makes me cry, and not just sad or even emotional music. A couple of bars of a pretty or dynamic movement will do it; the music can be high- or low-brow…sometimes even the CORNINESS of a song will make my eyes well up, which is fairly embarrassing.
I find people flubbing their speech extremely funny. Even if I’m absolutely furious and in the middle of a fight I end up laughing. It’s gotten me into trouble, but I just can’t help it. In writing, I’m a passive spelling/grammar nazi (annoys me, but I don’t yell).
I know some awesome cats.
I graduated from Cal in 2004, but I’ve just signed a lease on non-family-home apartment for the first time and am moving into it and would really appreciate any tips.
If you share those traits, feel free to make me feel un-special. Just wanted to say hi. :o

Welcome, Viridiana. I like that instrumental music makes you cry. For some reason, I’ve been doing that a lot this winter. Only it can be music with lyrics too. John Denver songs especially make me tear up. It was tough riding around with my Dad at Christmastime because he would always play his John Denver and the Muppets Christmas CD.

What do you like to create? I usually do a lot of crochet but do beading and other needlework too. Wanted to take a flytying course at my local community center last fall but it got cancelled because they didn’t get enough other people who wanted to learn. Hopefully there will be more interest if there’s a spring session though.

I also want to do woodcarving too. I have a Dremel tool and all the bits and doo dads that go along with it but for some reason, I keep putting off actually doing anything with it. I have this habit of wanting to “save” things. Not just the physical thing but the act of doing something too. There’s books and authors I’m “saving” to read someday and there’s things like woodworking I’m “saving” to do. Gotta get over that silly habit and just do these things.

Cats, in general, are awesome. Except when they claw up your furniture. The cat across the street visits a lot and sometimes does this. But deep down, I know she’s a good cat and we tend to get along just fine.

Crows are awesome too. They have incredibly long memories. I can name a couple of instances where I used to feed some and for one reason or another quit going to the neighborhood in which they lived. Eight or nine months later, I’d come back and a crow would recognize me and fly to a spot where he knew I could easily see them. Sadly, both times I didn’t have any peanuts with me. I felt I was letting them down.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Again, welcome. I here there’s a nice smorgasbord in Room Six for newcomers but heck if I know where Room Six is so you’ll have to wait for someone else to point you in the right direction. Cheers!

Welcome! I just moved into my first apartment last year, so it’s all fresh in my mind.
The biggest thing I can recommend is to take photos and/or video of everything in the apartment: walls, carpet, outlets, doors, cabinets, windows, appliances, bathroom shower, closets, etc. This helps you keep your security deposit both by allowing you to see what you’ve damaged, and proof so the owners can’t blame something on you that was already broken.
Be friendly to your maintenance guys - they are the ones that fix your hot water heater, dishwasher, and stove.
Get to know a neighbor (however superficially). They’ve been around a while and can let you in on the secrets, grab your mail when you’re away, and keep an eye out for packages.
That’s all I can think of for now.
Again, welcome!

Thanks very much, guys. Your greetings really made me feel nice. I thought there might be an intro bar somewhere around here, but I didn’t find it…I’m sorry about that. I guess there are a few subtleties you never get to know before actually joining. For one, I still can’t glean searching; since I could never find the function I thought it was a members-only thing, but if there’s a button or link I still can’t find it. I’m sorry to be an idiot so quickly, but if anyone wants to let me know what’s up with that I’m all ears, otherwise I’ll ask someone.
Anyway, I like to make tons of stuff. As for most people it’s just hard to impossible to find the time around a work schedule. I compose for the piano and some other instruments as needed, I write, I draw/digital paint, I have a little business sewing clothes for some special dolls (I hope to get into knitting/crocheting sometime too) and I sculpt and work on resin kits (theoretically), etc, etc. Ach, we just bought a dremel tool as well, and have been itching to get our hands on it!
I remember ‘rainbow connection’ making me cry when I was in elementary school, though it doesn’t anymore. For some reason that was always what they played when someone died and they announced it to us, so I guess that helped :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the tips, too! I broke out the camera for most of the rooms and will get the rest when we can get there in the daytime or we get lights installed in the living room, whichever comes first. I’m a little nervous about the neighbors - never lived among strangers before and all - but at least my bf can speak spanish with them (I’m learning). Our only regret so far is the no cats/dogs policy, but we’re getting a cutie pie hamster to make up for it. :smiley:

Welcome, Viridiana! Sounds like you’ll fit in just fine.

And for searching – that’s one of the bennies of the paid membership. If you’ve got something in particular you want someone to search for, there’s plenty of helpful folks around.

Enjoy your stay! Hope it’s a long one!

Hey, you could probably be a convicted crack-dealing pederast on the FBI most wanted, but chuck in the fact that you like cats and you’re one of the gang! Nice to meet you,


Ah, thanks for letting me know! It’s always good to find you’re not crazy.
Speaking of crack dealing pederasts, I come on here yesterday all ready to start posting and get stuck for my entire workday reading about crime stories in MPSIMS. Doesn’t bode too well for efficiency…

The first rule of Room Six is: You do not talk about Room Six!

The second rule of Room Six is: You do not talk about Room Six!!

However, you (or at least I) do occasionally ask a new member the inspiration for his/her screen name. In your case, Viridiana, is it this film?

Ah, no. It’s my little almost-godsister-in-law’s name ( :confused: ) and I think it’s pretty. I may have to pick up the movie, though, out of curiosity. Is it good?
The odd plot summary makes it hard to tell. I wonder if I would enjoy being “only decently fondled.”