El Camino - is it a truck or a car?

The Devil drives an El Camino, ya know.
It’s true!!! I had a dream abouit it when I was 6.
Me and my sister always called them “nightmare cars”.

My husband had a Ranchero, and it was considered a truck by the insurance company.

Whoa, look at that new word I created.

What year was it? (I only ask as I used to own one and since we live in the same town, I’m wondering if I haven’t spotted his a time or two.) And now that I think about it, my insurance company considered it a truck as well.

The El Camino is a truck. It has a bed, therefore it is a truck.

My old Rampage was considered a car by Allstate;State Farm also rated it as a car after when I swiched companies about halfway through my 7-year ownership.

However, the State of Nebraska required me to get “3-Ton Commercial” license plates while allowing fat-ass Suburbans weighing more empty than Dodge allowed me to weigh loaded to get the cheaper passenger plates. If I had tried to load the “el Bambino” to a 3-ton gross, the tires would have exploded if the springs didn’t break first. What a ridiculous law!!

" It has a bed, therefore it is a truck."

My *house * is a truck?

Whoa, Canyonero!

It is a car plain and simple. My grandfather used to have one and I nearly flipped when I was little and I asked my father whether it was a car or a truck and he said “truck”. I don’t even know why I asked because I already knew it was a car. Like previous posters have said. It IS a “PICKUP CAR”. I guess I was just giving him a stupid test which he failed.

Good call.
It’s neither a car or a truck.
It’s an abomination!

I thought it went:

El Camino, El El Camino,

I don’t know what “Camino” is, but “Camion” is French for “truck.” Note also that “El” isn’t French, but reverse the letters and you have “Le,” the French direct article. So, “El Camino” is an anagram for “Le Camion,” which is French for “The Truck.”

The El Camino is a mullet with wheels, folks. It’s the ultimate white trash vehicle. The last El Camino I saw - just last weekend, coincidentally - was being driven by a guy with a huge, curly mullet and a black heavy metal band T-shirt. It was a wonderful, hilarious sight.

It was a '73, navy blue. He sold it 5 years ago.

In Spanish “camión” means truck, van, or bus, depending on where you are.

You know that “El Camino” is Spanish…it’s Spanish for “The Camino…”

I hate Azteks, to me they combine FUBAR aesthetics and idiotic styling!

Leave it to the Aussies to do it right. Go Googleing and type in “Holden Ute”.

Have you seen Holden’s earlier models? I wonder if an El Camino would look something like these if they hadn’t been discontinued.

This is as good as they could do with the El Camino.

I quite like El Caminos, and Rancheros too.

Tell me is there a elcamino that dosent look like they drove it out of the junkyard after they managed to get it started these days ?

I think I’ve personally only seen maybe 5 nice looking ones ,