Elaborate graphitti in LA - Don't they get caught?

Just yesterday I had to drive through Los Angeles up the 5 freeway and back down the 405. On various parts of both freeways I noticed extremely elaborate graphitti, in some cases on top of existing murals which destroyed them, and in other areas, on retaining walls, etc.

One set of graphitti on a wall off the 5 freeway near Griffith Park must have been 10 feet high and stretched close to 200 yards if not more. The wording was multi-color, filled in, but clearly amateur in nature. Still, even with numerous people/ gang members all working on this, it would have taken several hours, a series of ladders, and a lot of effort. The area is well lit and is right off the freeway.

Assuming normal freeway police/ highway patrols and of course, helicopter patrols in the area, how in the Hell is it that these people did not get caught? Was this ‘work of art/crap’ created 2 minutes at a time over several months so the cops couldn’t ever catch someone in the act? Or, do police in LA just ignore people spray painting graphitti in brightly lit areas right off the freeway?

There was a tagger in LA some years back who went by the nickname of Chaka. (You can probably see some of his handiwork.) At any rate, he was caught and prosecuted.

No, I’m not digging through years’ worth of the LA Times.


Shouldn’t that be Griphith Park?