Elderly Barbie

So, I’m working on a PC in the school library, and they have these Barbie books. They photograph Barbie. Ken and these kids (I didn’t know they had Barbie rug-rats!) in various poses…no, I’m not going there.
So, they had this Paul Revere thing, and they can’t have B&K alone in the dark, so they have this Granny Barbie who sits in a rocker near Barbie and knits. Not very PC, but hey.
Where did they get Grannie? Did some guy assault a Barbie with an industrial hair drier and shrivel up her face?

You think even Barbie will stay eye-bogglingly stacked well into her eighties? (Well, actually she has but chunks of plastic can do that.) And whoever noticed Barbie’s face in the first place? She’s an accessory for her wardrobe which incidentally looks like she got shot through the back by a pair of Stinger missiles.

What a boring icon. When it comes to lusty sex symbols none can match Mae West. Okay, they tried their best to make her look ridiculous in Myra Breckinridge but she out-parodied them all. Now THAT was a living, lusty, witty, joyous dame. Then again, Harold and Maude caught my imagination a lot more than any Barbie “have to have” greed trapping.

Damn sad commentrary that we’re relegated to plastic phantoms like Barbie–and Madonna and Britney, etc. ad nauseum.

Eccentric, antiquated and opinonated,

Have you been drinking?

Chamomille tea. I wish I were joking.

But I corrected the typo in the thread title, “eldery” to “elderly”. Does that help?


I was just wondering how they got the Old Lady Barbie picture for the book.

Sorry; cogent point.

The chamomille kicks in and I turn into an animal.

The whole Barbie geneaology boggles me. Grannie Barbie? I still can’t figure out where the hell Skipper or Nipper or whatever came from. It isn’t like actual genitalia are involved w/ any of 'em.

From your post I kinda assumed they just “Hollywood aged” the generic Barbie, i.e. morphed on a few wrinkles and tossed a bun and pince nez for accessories. To be honest I was avoiding the unavoidable mental image of Realistically Aged Barbie with a saggy boob caught under the runner of the rocking chair.

I apologize most sincerely for hijacking your thread to hell and gone, carnivousplant. It wasn’t intentional. Messy thought processes…

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