elderly drummer for rock band?

I have vague memories about a Rock band with a 60 something year old drummer.

The Fixx?
The Firm?
Something else?
Nothing else…just my imagination?

The Rolling Stones?

Might be The Firm. They were a supergroup of old guys in the 80s.

I wonder if you are thinking of the group “spirit”?
Their drummer was the father of one of the other members.
He was quoted as saying that he joined the band because he wanted to keep an eye on his son.

Damn! I thought you were looking for one! :smiley: I sure do miss it, though I don’t know if I’m elderly yet! :wink:


You have the world at your fingertips
No one can make it better than you
You have the world at your fingertips
But see what you’ve done to the rain and the sun
So many changes have all just begun, to reap
I know you’re asleep
Wake Up

I remember that song - NOT! What was their one and only hit?

Quasi – sorry, we’re elderly.

Spirit, Blonde: I Got a Line On You, right?


I Got a Line On You Babe…

Ouch!! Drive another nail into the coffin of my youth. :wink:

The lyrics were from Spirit’s “Prelude/Nothing to Hide.” They never really had a big hit, thought “I Got a Line on You*,” “Nature’s Way,” “Animal Zoo,” and “Mr. Skin” got FM airplay.

Ed Cassidy (drummer) was Randy California’s (guitar) stepfather, but was 37 when the group released their first album, hardly elderly (California was 17 at the time).

One of the great forgotten groups of rock; their “Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus” is one of the dozen best albums of all time.

*written by Steve Martin of the Left Banke, despite the official credits; Martin sold the song to them and gave up all rights.

I listened to a younger band called Masters of Reality in the early 90’s who had Ginger Baker formerly of Cream as their drummer.

A long long time ago I thought Cheap Trick’s drummer Bun E. Carlos was a rather old guy with an otherwise young band. Actually he is the same age or younger than the rest of the group. But he always looked like a high school math teacher that somehow ended up in a rock band.

It does seem that most bands are composed of people who are the same age, give or take 2 or 3 years. Really I can’t think of too many bands with one guy a decade or two older than the rest…unless you count “solo” stars with young sidemen (like Ozzy Osbourne/Zakk Wylde etc.), or rather temporary groupings (Jimmy Page with the Black Crowes).

The only solid example I can think of is Jefferson Airplane, with Papa John Creach (who was a fiddler, not a drummer…).

Oddly enough, that’s exactly the band I was thinking of when I read the OP. Damn, they were good.

I tried Googling “The Firm”, but only got hits for some new urban contemporary band…some hip-hop/rap group, not the white guys I was thinking of.

The Strangler’s drummer, Jet Black, was born in 1938. The band itself was formed in 1974 which made Jet 36 at the time while his bandmates were 22 to 25 ish. He would now be about 65 and he is still the drummer for the band, Accordning to http://www.the-stranglers.com/

is officially the oldest professional British musician still in activity (Since Bill Wyman retired from the Rolling Stones)

FWIW, The Firm featured most notable Paul Rodgers (of Bad Company fame) and Jimmy Page (of, well, you know) and a drummer named Chris Slade, who had previously played with Manfred Mann and several other bands. He would have been about 38 years old in 1984, so he’s probably not the one you’re thinking of.