Election Day [Week][Month[s]] [Year] 2020 follow-along thread

I agree, though I think they will acquit him with a lot of, “Hey, he’s not even president anymore. Why are we doing this?” arguments.

Yes, the GOP is already wringing its hands about unity and healing. Once Trump is out of office, they’ll be able to accuse the Democrats of revisiting old wounds and “further dividing” the country with political grandstanding.

Now I have this image of the Senate trial, with all of the presentations given in beat box style…

No comment.

Yes, all the Republicans who are so worried about impeachment being “divisive” and “partisan” could fix that in an instant by voting with the Democrats.

Similarly, when any of them say that Trump shouldn’t be impeached with only a week left in his presidency, I want to point out that removing him from office would only shorten his term by a few days. Does Trump have some big policy initiatives coming up before the 20th that we’d all miss out on if he was removed now?

I assume he has a pile of pardons he’s sitting on.

He’ll let you know in two weeks.

Sure, but he can issue a pardon in 5min if the vote is even close to coming to the floor, so it’s not like that can be stopped. Honestly, having it hanging over his head but unvoted might limit the scope of the pardoning (a fresh burst of public outrage on pardons might sway a couple more Senators).

What’s next, are they going to Impeach Thomas Jefferson because he owned slaves?..where will this travesty of a witch hunt end…how much more picking on Trump can they do…I heard that one

Truth is, I’m not even bothering to form an opinion on what’s going to happen with the impeachment vote.

I think things are going to get bad for Republicans. Really really bad. It’s going to be almost as epic as the stuff the Q LARPers thought was going to happen once the full scope of Jan 6th comes into focus. They are going to unravel.
The DOJs going to need a bigger building.

I don’t think a self-pardon would stand a chance in hell in court. It goes against a prime tenant of modern justice that “no one is above the law”.
He’ll probably try but I don’t think even Trump’s court will go for that one.

They’ll think it’s dangerous because although it’s OK for a conservative to be above the law and poor innocent Trump just wants to shake the howling mob of liberal witch hunters — we can’t give that reprobate Democrat crook Joe Biden the ability to commit crimes for four years and wipe the slate clean.

But I really want to see the jackals and hyenas that helped sell Trumpism spend their life behind bars, and they are pardon eligible. And if they are pardoned, they can’t plead the fifth anymore. I hope Trump knows this and holds back but that’s mostly wishful thinking.

Now, if Trump’s inner circle is as deep into the insurrection plot as I think they are…what’s the deal on pardoning enemy combatants?

The best immediate thing that can happen is Trump permanently disappearing from public view (and most importantly, from my sight) and never being seen or heard from again. Four years of watching that camel’s asshole he has in his face spout lie after lie, contorting like the rear orifice of a camel about to take a huge dump, is more than enough.

The Republican party’s reconciliation with reality – or else its total demise – is going to take a lot longer, but one of the two is inevitable. Fortunately, younger politicians like Josh “the talking horse” Hawley are obvious opportunists and will suddenly have entirely different views as soon their opportunities are perceived to lie in a different direction.


I think this is the right thread to post that Trump doesn’t want to pay his legal fees now.

Trump has instructed aides not to pay Giuliani’s legal fees, two officials said, and has demanded that he personally approve any reimbursements for the expenses Giuliani incurred while traveling on the president’s behalf to challenge election results in key states. They said Trump has privately expressed concern with some of Giuliani’s moves and did not appreciate a demand from Giuliani for $20,000 a day in fees for his work attempting to overturn the election

.This is why defense lawyers don’t work on contingency.

Six days til Trump vacates the White House. I have a vacation day from work that day. I’ll have a champagne toast for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris when the oath is taken. (And respected.) Trump’s violent, lunatic fanbase surely has some violence in store, but six days til the stink leaves the building and the proper fumigation can begin. What a long four years.

When everyone said in 2016 that this would “stress test our democracy”, I didn’t realize it would include stress-testing my own heart quite so much.

Amen. But it’s almost over.

You are going to be champagne-less for a looooong time.

You don’t think they’ll respect it?

No kidding. I’ve taking more xanax in the last four years than in my prior life (except for that one rocky relationship in the early 80s).

Just the opposite, I think he means, if you have to take a swig of your champers every day they respect their oaths.